View from Aqua Shard

Last month just rushed by on wheels. I have a huge project, which I’ll be able to unveil next week, I think, which took up lots of time in pitches and meetings but in between I managed to keep up with my London life, not spend a week at a health spa (I left when I realised there was no internet access), attend Emma and Rob’s wedding in Norfolk  (surviving a Travelodge, and sneaking an extra day in the sun afterwards) and take four days in Devon with Emma R.

One of the most spectacular things I did was attend the private dinner at Aqua Shard, hosted by Irvine Sellar, the developer behind The Shard, to celebrate the opening of all three restaurants. I was on a table with Tom Dixon, Tony Chambers and Zandra Rhodes, which was most fun. Nearly as good as the views (above.)

Tony Chambers Zandra Rhodes

The weather was glorious all month. and I had P Bad most weekends. She loves playing co pilot when I put the roof down.

miniature wire haired dachshund

She equally loves lolling on my bed. She’s now sporting her summer Liberty print collar.

miniature wire haired dachshund

Christmas in July appointments always requires an imaginative stretch of the mind, so I was thrilled to see that The Conran Shop had gone for a Mexican bright take on the festive season, which didn’t f*ck with one’s head quite as much as tinsel and crackers. I particularly liked the outdoors cactus lights,

Cactus garden lamps Conran Shop

felt too old for but still wanted the Pez dispensers,

Pez dispensers COnran Shop

and longed for my own Miffy light. Everything will be available at The Conran Shop from 01 September.

Miffy lamp  Conran Shop

There was a delicious afternoon tea at The Dean Street Townhouse with one of my favourite beauty PRs. Mmmm cake. (I do wish that they would sort out the service there though: it’s like snails, whether at breakfast, lunch, tea or dinner, charming snails, but snails nonetheless.)

Dean Street Townhouse Afternoon tea

There was quite a lot of bike drama, which reduced me to frothing profanity on Twitter. That’s my silver bike to which some tosspot has chained his wheels. What kind of unutterable moron does something like that? I was unable to release my bike for two days, so I chained his t mine in retaliation. I was quite tempted by the idea of Alex Fury who suggested I just take his bike, still chained to mine, and leave a note on the lamppost, to say ‘Thanks for the Siamese bike.” That boy is brilliant.

2013-07-25 19.06.00

Apart from the moronic boys who thnk it is perfectly acceptable to chain their bikes to and over mine, I do love Camden’s Parkway. I decided to live at this end of Camden, because it was the closest I could get to Manhattan in London (busy busy, shops, nail bars, restaurants, trees), and it also remains blissfully tourist free compared to the horror of the High Street. I love that I have a GAP and a fro yo joint just a block from me. My wallet: not so much.

2013-07-27 12.34.17

In other news, I finally decided on my Starbucks name.

2013-07-28 11.10.14

Oh and there was a lovely breakfast for The Outnet’s in house to get a preview of their inhouse fashion label Iris + Ink’s AW13 collection at Morton’s.

Iris & Ink

I’m a big fan: the price points are really good, and the fabrics surprisingly luxurious. I especially like the silk shirts and leather pieces.

Outnet Ink

I thought the accessories were particularly strong.

Outnet Ink

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Oh, your Starbucks name just made me HOWL with laughter. Brilliant.
Now I’m going to have to choose myself a Starbucks name.
Possibly Clytemnestra…

Thank you, I truly needed a laugh this morning xxx

ps That’s astonishing about the bikes – how could they be so utterly STUPID? I hope you gave the culprit a seriously hard time…


That person is clearly too stupid for bike ownership. Road hazard!


And….now I am off to the Liberty side to get my own bad dog a Liberty collar of her very own! Your power of suggestion blog is quite successful!!


I thought Christmas in July was just for us Southern Hemisphere bods who hanker for plum pudding when not in 30C+ heat? But you do it up there too? How funny…


So, burning question, how did you find your Starbucks name – I always panic and just say Amy which isn’t very creative!

Amy x

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