I find that my skin is often drier and more flaky in the summer than it is in the winter, contrary to usual beauty lore: I guess that’s because I am outdoors more. I also find I get more teeny surface bumps and an uneven texture on my skin, possibly from wearing lots of sun block.

This new product, the Resurface and Refine Ultra Polish body exfoliator from Sanctuary Spa, has been developed to deal with what Sanctuary call micro-bumps or ‘chicken skin’ texture – especially on the backs of arms & thighs. Its exfoliating particles are very fine, and I’ve found that they don’t irritate my sensitive skin, whilst still doing the job of sloughing away bumps and flaky skin. Certainly my upper arms feel much smoother than before, and my fake tan is going on smoothly, with no streaks.

Sanctuary Spa Resurface and Refine Ultra Polish £12


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