I’ve stayed in a lot of self catering places over the years, from a farmhouse in Anglesey to a cottage in Thorpeness. Some are immaculately kitted out (hello Dreamcatchers house of wonder), others lack even salt & pepper. Being someone who would always prefer to cook breakfast rather than buy a croissant when on holiday, I always bring my  kitchen essentials – knives, sea salt, bouillon powder etc (I feel a separate blog post on this coming on) so I can actually get busy in the kitchen, but often I travel by train so I can’t bring anything more than the basics in my luggage.

This is where clever-ness comes into play:  If you are going to Cornwall on holiday  can deliver to your holiday cottage, caravan or even tent as long as you provide the correct address information.

It had honestly never occurred to me to book a grocery shop to be delivered in advance of my arrival at a holiday house, but last year a PR had organised for to leave an unexpected box in our self-catering house (The Village at Watergate Bay).

It was an act of pure genius: there are no food shops in Watergate Bay, and we didn’t have a car for the first half of our stay. Without the welcome pack, we would have had to eat out three times a day (no hardship, but tough on the wallet – and the digestion).

I particularly liked that most of the produce in the box was local and Cornish: There were free range eggs from St Ewes, Tregothnan tea from the UK’s only tea plantation, Cornish Orchards apple juice, traditional Cornish Splits (traditionally used instead of scones in cream teas), Boddington’s Raspberry Jam, Trewithen Cornish Clotted Cream, and excellent bread.

Of course they sell all your regular groceries too, from wine to loo roll, detergent to bin bags.

(I made an epic French Toast with Clotted Cream & Raspberry Jam from the contents of the box.)

French toast & clotted cream

It makes sense to use  as much more of the money you spend with them stays within the Cornish community. It’s run by Westcountry Fruit Sales Ltd – a privately owned family business whose roots stretch back to 1856. They are one of the biggest purchasers and distributors of local produce in the area: their buyers source products from more than 50 specialist growers and over 30 small Cornish food manufacturers, and all of their meat, fish, and bakery goods and a large proportion of their dairy produce is from Cornwall. (Their wholesale customers include Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen.)

They don’t just deliver within Cornwall (where delivery is free over a minimum spend): their delivery area  is anywhere in England and Wales subject to any delivery charges which may apply. (I just looked for North Devon, and the charge would have been £11: twice the supermarket, but less than a return cab to a supermarket, and certainly something to think about in terms of the convenience of having all your groceries ready and waiting.)

And, of course, if you live in Cornwall, then they are a great alternative to the major players…

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My family has a holiday rental house on the Isle of Wight, and when we stay there we usually get a Tesco delivery for the night we arrive. We live too far away to take anything that has to be refrigerated with us, so we just put all of our favourite holiday foods on a delivery list and we get to spend the holiday eating too much houmous! 😀


We certainly know how to do great food in Cornwall, our fantastic local produce has to be among the best in the UK. And ‘Dreamcatchers’… oh yes, I know the one. Beautiful. It’s a fantastic part of the country to live in or visit 🙂


What a great idea, helps that it looks pretty too 😀 I love home delivery food services, they’re the best xo


Riverford Organics do a great job serving Devon in a similar way and their Farm Shop is as inspiring as Daylesford Organics.


Oh it’s like you wrote this post especially for me! I’m going camping (glamping) in two weeks to Cornwall and a food delivery to the tent is a fabulous idea. We have done this before in cottages, got waitrose to deliver to the cottage ahead of us but obviously that’s not so local.

A few years ago we went to Fort William for a week off season. The entire part of Scotland was shut for the winter and pretty much all that was open was Morrisons. We must have spent a few hundred pounds there over the course of the week and I felt so bad that it was all going to Morrisons rather than to local shops. Sorry, don’t know why I needed to tell you that!

Sorry about the crappy weather. It’s horrid here too xx


It is such a joy to see a carefully selected hamper when you arrive on hols.If you go to a Rural Retreats property they always include a local hamper, including coffee, tea, museli, bread, butter, milk, cheese, cake, fruit, fruit juice and wine. Certainly enough to see you through the first evening and breakfast.
I don’t have any connection with the company… but have been having ‘girls’holdiays with them since… well since I was a girl!


We are lucky in Cornwall to have an abundance of great local food growers and suppliers, it certainly makes sense to package these goodies up and offer them for delivery. As well as a holiday treat, it showcases the businesses too. I might even have one delivered to my own home even though I live in Cornwall, they look so tempting!

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