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I do love a messy side bun, and they are perfect for hat wearing days, as lots of hats look quite severe from the front, and a pretty  side bun can soften the look. It’s also a handy look for when you need to secure your hair but don’t want a schoolmarm bun: at Ascot this year, I was doing fashion commentating on TV on Ladies Day with Clare Balding for Channel 4, for Vogue TV, for Sky and for CBS in the US, so it was also important that my hair wasn’t going to fly around when on air.

Royal Ascot 2013

It sounds like a bit of a faff, but the whole thing took no longer than ten minutes. It helps that the new Hershesons hair dryer that I have been sent dries ALL my hair in under five minutes. I was never that fussed about which hair dryer I used, but this has converted me to the investment purchase. It is astonishingly quick.

messy side bun how to instructions

So to get the look,  I blow dried my hair vigorously upside down to give lots of root lift and volume, adding Colour WOW Brass Banned Mousse For Blonde Hair at the roots, and blow drying the ends around the Hershesons Ceramic Ion Brush 5.

I then curled it all over with a medium barrel curling tong.

Then I used Charles Worthington Volumising Texture Spray at the roots. It’s a new product, which gives lots of texture and lift.

Then I backcombed underneath with my fingers.

Pulling my hair back to the nape,  I put it in a low side pony with a clear elastic. Then I sort of scrunched/wrapped all the messy curls into a bun, securing it along the way with Kirby grips and hair pins.

A massive whoosh of Elnett Supreme Hold kept it all in place.

Ta da!

I used: Hersheson ‘Get-A-Grip’ Grips & Pins £6.00 each
Elnett Satin Supreme Hold Hairspray
Hershesons Ceramic Ion Brush 5 £25.00 & Hersheson Professional Ionic Hair Dryer £120
Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray
Colour WOW Brass Banned Mousse For Blonde Hair


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Great article, lovely hair. also i love your earrings in the pic, they’re great! x


@Laura Edgell: Thank you very much! They were complete bargains from ASOS: £15! They sold out very quickly, but these ones are similar LLGxx


the messy bun looks fabulous, as does the hat and indeed you. love the pop of colour from your shoes too. Gorgeous.


@sadie: Thank you Sadie! LLGxx


Second that on the earrings!


@Nancyblackett: As above, they were complete bargains from ASOS: £15! They sold out very quickly, but these ones are similar LLGxx


You look wonderful- perfect outfit.

Interesting that you mention your hair dryer as I desperately need a new hair dryer (my hair is frazzled and I want a speedy drying experience); is the Hersheson one really worth the money?



@Louise: TBH I had never really thought about the speed of a hair dryer before. But I can literally shower, wash hair, dry & style with a round brush ALL in fifteen minutes. I really notice the difference when I go away and use other people’s…LLGxx

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