Apologies for radio silence; it’s been an interesting twelve hours. First my Virgin Media internet went down at home around midnight so no blog for this morning’s email. I spent the morning cursing, prepping to go away and packing up the car.

Then it took me nearly three and a half hours on the hottest day of the year so far, in a car with no air con, to go a distance that should have taken me just over an hour, thanks to a breakdown on the A3. So that was fun.

Then upon arrival I discovered that the otherwise very pleasant spa hotel where I was booked in for the next week to review an interesting new regimen has no viable internet access.

My laptop and my desktop (yes, I brought my iMac with me so I could edit photos quickly) can barely connect, hamsters in a wheel would get me online faster. I am typing this on my tablet, which I will then wave out the window to get a Vodafone signal to send. (If I am lucky, as there is no signal in most of the hotel.)

Whilst in some fantasy parallel life I’d love to be able to just go off grid for a week, in the real world it’s not feasible when you have your own business to run, deadlines to meet, and all the other stuff of life.  There is also, of course, the expectation, that I will Tweet and blog from here, which is basically impossible, as I cannot upload any images.

It is odd: last week I could work on wifi in the middle of a meadow in very rural Somerset, using a hotel’s wifi, yet here, only an hour from London, and in a room that is literally above reception, I can’t get a strong wifi signal.

So, after a really shitty waste of a day, and a little bit of a cry from frustration and tiredness, because it really is lovely here, and I haven’t had much sleep of late, I have just packed all the things I unpacked earlier, and am checking out tomorrow morning.

On the plus side, I now have six empty days to play with…although I can’t say hot and sweaty London is looking very appealing right now, given that I am writing this looking out on a lovely lawn with bunny rabbits hopping about.

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May I suggest Hampton Court Palace for the day ( 30mins from Waterloo) Gardens are gorgeous at the moment. I loved every minute there last sweltering Sunday.


Don’t they have anywhere in your room you could plug the iMac into to get online?


Geezus, they really effed that one up. I bet management had a cry too when they saw you legging out the door the next morning.


I feel your pain!


Oh no! Don’t leave – have a week off! 🙂


Nothing more annoying than when hotels advertise wifi and it doesn’t work. Hope they sorted it out!

The perks of being a hipster


Oh poor you! Can you get yourself back to Babington? That’s where I’d go if I could. You are welcome to come sit on my balcony but it’s very hot out there! x


Well if you have some days free, instead of getting all hot and DAZED in the city, maybe somewhere lovely like Wiltshire and areas might be an idea, if you are already out of Londiniums boundaries………..you could have a bit of a countryside wander. OR hop on the ferry to Francais for a little coastal village pilgrimage. WHO KNOWS what or even who you might find……..:)
Blessings and Wishes…………(must be better than doing the dishes…!!!!!)


You should name and shame – sounds punitive but it might encourage them to join the modern world. So sanctimonious to have no wifi as if they know what’s best for you – clearly it didn’t relax you to be disconnected.


get a dongle. great for failsafe connectivity. I took one into hospital with me when I went in to give birth. 🙂

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