Baked camembert with rosemary

Is this a recipe? I think that’s probably pushing it. What it really should be described as is: what you buy for supper when you go to the Spar supermarket in Norfolk only to discover that the locusts have descended, that the remaining meat is battery farm fresh, that the only salads left are spring onions, and that the cheese choices are Danish Mozzarella (never, ever an option), plastic Cheddar or styrofoam unripe Camembert in a wooden box.

So necessity/mother/invention etc. I bought two Camemberts last night with Emma to feed three of us, went back to the cottage, and turned the oven to 180C.

Then the cheeses were unwrapped, and the tops of the boxes discarded. I made three slits in each, poked in some rosemary from the big bush in the garden, drizzled over some olive oil to keep the crust supple during the cooking, and whacked them in the oven in a big dish for about twenty five minutes. (Do not ever bake just in their boxes. You are risking a big molten cheese mess on the floor of your oven.)

(Even if you aren’t adding aromatics to your cheese, do make the slits so the cheese can expand during cooking. You could also add slivers of garlic, or other herbs like Thyme or Oregano. Summer Savory might be nice, or even Tarragon.)

The onions were topped and tailed, placed in an ovenproof dish with a tablespoon of oil, and roasted for about thirty minutes. It’s almost impossible to overcook them (I like them soft and supple with vaguely burnt tails. If you like a more crunchy onion, then keep an eye on them, and try for about twenty minutes.)

That’s it really. We ate the cheese with new potatoes, over which we spooned the melted cheese that had escaped from the boxes. Think poor man’s Raclette. Cornichons would have been nice. But the Spar didn’t stretch that far…

Baked camembert with rosemary


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That sounds pretty awesome, actually.


Wow. How on earth am I to stick to my diet after seeing that?! YUM! Must try x


Wow!!! It looks delicious!!
And I just got a really good quality camembert from my last trip to France.. so definitely I will be cooking this!! thanks for the idea!

Best, María.


Wow this looks delicious. Think I may have to wait until after my hols to give it a try as it really isn’t going to help with my bikini diet.


oooh i want to eat this immediately! I think I will have to go shop for the ingredients – yum!!


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