Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

A bed with clean linen and a bathroom with hot water, I think we can all agree, is a guest’s basic requirement of a hotel. How impressive then of the Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle to ensure that they provide this – and pretty much nothing else.

And how bourgeois of me to think that a comfortable bed, pillows, silence, and decor that doesn’t resemble a federal penitentiary might be desirable when one is paying £82 a night, plus a cheeky extra £10 on top for wifi so slow that it appeared to be powered by hamsters in a wheel.

I may possibly have been more forgiving if I hadn’t turned up just past midnight on Saturday evening to be told that the Travelodge online booking system had booked me into a sold out hotel. Yup, there was no room at the inn.

And no manger either.

After twenty minutes of frantic ringing around other establishments to no avail, the very charming and now very stressed night manager gave me the only empty room, one that was assigned to a guest who hadn’t arrived yet. It turned out to be an adapted room for people with disabilities. My sister has MS, so I am quite familiar with these. Although I’m not quite sure whose disabilities would be suited to this bizarre room, with its grab bars in the wrong places, and a bath. A bath! Ever tried using one of these when your legs don’t work very well/at all?

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

Given that the hotel is in a car park, this splendid view came as no surprise.

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

However the lack of soundproofing did.

I was quite moved by Travelodge’s desire to remind me of my time in America watching endless re-runs of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

It’s always splendid to see plumped up pillows on one’s bed.

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

And imagine just how impressed I was, when I investigated why my pillows seemed so hard, that you had found such a clever place to stash the spare towels.

Travelodge pillow

After all who really needs pillows on a bed? More bourgeois expectations from silly old me.

I was looking forward to ‘the kingsize bed* with cosy duvet’, as described on the Travelodge website. So when I found this thin, worn out coverlet on the single bed (‘*At most hotels’)

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

I was somewhat taken aback. Then I realised that clever old Travelodge wouldn’t want to risk me over-sleeping in the morning by being too comfortable or too warm.

The rustling sound when I got into bed was a little confusing and  I couldn’t work out why my bottom sheet felt so scratchy. Then I realised they had provided me with a waterproof incontinence sheet. How handy for those little accidents! (Because of course ALL disabled people wet themselves.)

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

And I really admired how Travelodge wanted to save me time by opening the milk portions in advance.

<a href="" title="Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle by Libertylondongirl, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="Travelodge Great Y

The torn armchair was a thoughtful touch: no worrying about accidentally damaging the furniture


Likewise no need for concern in the bathroom: perfectly pre-scratched pipes next to the bath

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

I do like a bit of  stained grout around the taps, and a broken bath plug. Maybe they could re-name this room the ‘student experience’?

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

I was particularly pleased that the Travelodge accessibility room came complete with some fun challenges for the wheelchair bound and differently abled.

I always like to be given the opportunity to tip my my disabled friends headfirst into the bath.

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

And look! A handy trip hazard into the bathroom. More fun for everyone! My sister just loves swinging crutches over door ledges.

Travelodge Great Yarmouth Acle

After a really delightful night’s sleep, wrapped in my thin duvet, wedging four towels under my head, and hearing my sheet go scrunch scrunch scrunch each time I turned over, I checked out and headed across to the Little Chef on the other side of the car park for a  restorative full English.

I properly adore Little Chefs. American diners are one of my great true loves, so an English version that serves a fry up is right up my street. I do draw the line at mystery sausages tho, so ordered up the Olympian Veggie Breakfast.

Oh god it was terrible. Fried eggs, cooked on the griddle, so the white cooked like leather by the time the pallid yolk was set; a griddled tomato, with half a cm of cooked flesh, and rock hard  stone cold tastelessness for the rest; mushrooms that were so old they belonged in a geriatric home for funghi, advertised hash browns that were conspicuous by their absence and, apparently, Lavazza coffee that had the caffeine kick of a crippled mule.

I complained and paid £3.44 for the coffee and the toast.  I read recently that Little Chefs are struggling, and that Heston Blumenthal’s much vaunted menu is being phased out. From what I can tell from this morning’s experience, the issue isn’t with the menu, it is with the execution. The only edible parts of my breakfast were the parts that didn’t need to be prepped or cooked on site: the frozen sauteed potatoes, veggie sausages, white sliced toast and the baked beans.

So: two hospitality fails in twelve hours. And disappointing too. There’s no reason why inexpensive roadside hotels and diners  should set mediocre – or worse – as the summit of their aspirations.

I’m really not fussy. Of course, given a choice I would always go for a B&B or a guesthouse over a British roadside lodging, but on heatwave Saturdays in rural England the options are limited. I didn’t stay at the Travelodge with any great expectations. But nothing, nothing could have prepared me for the lazy, thoughtless, inadequate approach that I encountered.

At a quarter of the price that room with its towels stuffed in a pillowcase would have been unacceptable. For £82 it was a particularly unfunny joke. (Lest you think that okay, a reader alerted me to the fact that she has recently paid less than that to stay in The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch, London.)

ADDENDUM: A Travelodge Head Office representative tracked me down this afternoon, via the mobile number on my reservation. In the interests of fairness, she gave me an unqualified apology – although we couldn’t complete the conversation as my phone signal cut out (am still in very rural Norfolk), and told me that there is a rolling programme of refurbishment across the chain, with Acle’s due to start from July 22, 2013.

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Try Premier Inn – it’s no frills, sure, but it’s significantly better than THAT. I use it for visiting family when my parents’ house is already stuffed full of visitors. Sorry you had such a cruddy night. Oh well, at least next time you are somewhere nice you will really, really enjoy it.


Oh poor you.
I had the misfortune 10 yrs ago of being booked into a travel lodge room that someone else was given the keys to 5 hours later in the mid of the night. The response, “no management” was less than helpful in a scary situation. Swore then, no more travel lodge.
Sounds like I’m not missing much.



Had a similar stay in a Travel Inn Express a few weeks ago. After accidentally checking us in to an already occupied room (resulting in threats to kill from the current sleeping occupant as we ran back down the hallway) the flustered and incapabale night manager put us in to a new room, full of essentially all of the above problems, plus blood on the sheets (!?!) uncleaned/unflushed, and recently *used* toilet, no hot water and when I tried to call reception to complain the phone didn’t work as all the wires connecting it to the wall were frayed.

All for an astronomically high price!


This is why I enjoy reading your blog so much Sasha…I appreciate your honest reviews. You’re a great example and role model to all of us little aspiring bloggers out there. Thanks. Meaghan


Agree with La Petite Anglaise – Premier Inn significantly better. Travelodges were never luxurious, but after a visit in recent times, I was surprised at how much downhill the chain had gone – and they’re not always cheap. Your visit was a new low though and has just confirmed my decision to avoid like the plague in the future.


Sounds a complete nightmare! I find Premier Inn are better for cheap & cheerful, at least you get pillows there!


Good for you speaking out. Am totally with Ella/La Petite on the Premier Inns – but thats not dismissing the alarming flaws in your experience. I really hope this report reaches them, shocking. x

South Molton St Style


Oh no, epic fail Travelodge!

I know its not a joke but I couldn’t help but laugh while reading all of this, its the way you told the story and the pillows (or lack of) that made me laugh out loud!

I hope the Travelodge have refunded you at very least!


I had a similar experience in a Travelodge a few weeks ago. When I got into bed, the fitted sheet came off. I went to fix it and, in the process of putting it back, noticed blood stains splattered all over the mattress protector. Poor show!


Eurgh, what a horrible hotel experience! I really hope that you get a significant refund.

I’ve never had a nice experience with Travel Lodge I have to say – during one of my last visits we discovered that one corner of the mattress had an enormous cigarette burn in it. And not just a dark circle, actually burned all the way through to the springs (and thoughtfully covered up with a sheet). So delightful!

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