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I’m writing a feature for a future issue of Red magazine, and Style Editor Alexandra Stedman booked me in today for a shoot with photographer Liam Duke to illustrate it. Of course I can’t show you me in the final look, (I’ll run those behind the scenes pics when the issue comes out), but I did snap a few pics in between the make up chair and the camera.

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There were rows of fabulous shoes, and I wavered around some Charlotte Olympias and Sophia Websters, before narrowing it down to a pink or red shoe:


I couldn’t actually stand for more than a few seconds in the Louboutins, and went for these in the end. I do love a Valentino Rockstud:

valentino rockstuds

We were shooting in The Loft, at Perseverance Works in Shoreditch



BEST EVER make up and hair: Athena Souvakis and Heath Massi (both at Frank.)



And here’s the final look – from the neck up:


Then I took a car to Soho, for supper upstairs at Quo Vadis, with the wonderful Mrs Trefusis. She had crab mayonnaise, and I ordered young garlic, olives, peas, mint,  with Jersey Mids on the side.

2013-07-02 19.41.56

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Haha amazing. I shot for Look there a couple of years ago and with Heath on hair! You look wonderful and congratulations on your feature for Red x


@Kylie: Thanks Kylie. Great coincidence! LOVE Heath: hair genius LLGxx


So jealous of you being around all those amazing shoes! xoxo

The perks of being a hipster


@Cate Elise: yup – it’s great to be able to try them all on too! LLGxx


Fab hair!

I always want to love Quo Vadis, but have had such disappointing meals there, I daren’t go back. 🙁


@Blonde: yeah, I’m kind of with you: love the concept, love the room, but the service is just off, can’t quite articulate why, but it just seems a bit rushed, a bit un-cossetting. And Fino the same. And quite a lot of the time I want to shriek CHANGE THE FRICKIN MENU! LLGxx


Amazing shoes! Did you get to keep them? 😉
Can’t wait to read the feature. Red is about the only magazine I bother to buy these days – I get most of my inspiration from all the great blogs out there (including yours of course!)


@Ase: hahaha no. It’s only in wildly unrealistic movies like the Devil Wears Prada that people get to keep samples/raid the fashion closet! Red is *such* a great magazine. I’m very proud that I get to write for them as a journalist LLGxx


The valentino rockstud look really good and your make up and hair looks beautiful, can’t wait to read the feature and see main pics xx


@Lola @dressupwithlola.com: ah thank you Lola! It’ll be out mid September. LLGxx


Looking as fabulous as always, and I look forward to reading your feature when it is published .

Love Liv xXx


@Olivia Newman Spencer: Thanks Liv! LLGxx

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