Elemental herbology serum

I’ve been using Elemental Herbology Cell Food for several weeks now, and I am impressed. Properly, would absolutely rush out and replace this impressed. My skin feels plumper, softer, glow-ier, and the slightly rough texture that Rosacea brings to the party is noticeably lessened.

Elemental Herbology is known for its use of what they refer to as bio-actives, as well as hefty does of anti-oxidants. Amongst Cell Food’s fourteen actives and six anti-oxidants, are olive squalane to condition and soften the skin, and aloe and rose damask water to help soothe and calm sensitive skin. Its anti-oxidants are green tea and co-enzyme Q10 which they believe help reduce the damaging effects of the environment on the skin.

It also contains three patented ingredients:
Kombuchka™ is clinically proven to increase radiance, quality and vitality of the skin.
Rovisome® ACE delivers a strong anti-oxidant complex.
Phylderm® Vegetal C2 helps stimulate cellular renewal to increase radiance.

Elemental Herbology was conceived and developed by qualified Acupuncturist Kristy Cimesa to counter  the skin’s struggle to achieve a state of equilibrium when fluctuations in the environment, lifestyle and hormonal change impact the skin.

Having worked in the spa industry for over 14 years, Kristy was frustrated at the lack of skincare ranges that fused natural products with the high performance of scientific ingredients, which is why she decided to create her own. The products combine natural actives with high performance, scientific ingredients. Rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and proteins, they are formulated to counteract the impact of age, lifestyle and the environment.

Elemental Herbology Cell Food £42

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40 quid for the secret of the eternal youth? Sounds like a great deal. 🙂


I’ve never considered using a serum on top of everything else I use, but that description is pretty glowing and I’m a sucker for giving new things a try. LLG, given your expertise, is it worth it? Do I need it on top of a cleanser and a moisturiser and primer, or is it worth getting rid of one of the others? x


I LOVE EH. I have been using them on an off for a few years. currently using the fab moisturiser. Smells divine.


Can u tell me if this will be okay on my sensitive skin?

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