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I was intrigued by the news of Clinique’s first foray into the world of nail polishes: A Different Nail Enamel. It doesn’t just promise glossy, long-wearing colour, it sticks to the Clinique codes by promising that it is allergy tested and safe to use for sensitive skins. It’s USP is that it helps reduce the chances that eyes will burn, itch or water with contact.

It’s difficult to test the claims, as I don’t generally have an issue with nail polishes, but what I did notice is that it doesn’t smell strong, which certainly prevents any watering. It also provides excellent coverage with two coats and, after six days of open shoe wearing it hasn’t chipped or marked at all – as per the photo above.

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel in Hi Sweetie £12

Shoes: Chanel,  from years ago.

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I’m dying over both your shoes and your nail color! Lovely!


@Eileen: Thanks Eileen! LLGxx


Saw this in Boots the other day and managed to stumble across your blog to see a review, looks like a gorgeous pink on your toes, will definitely be buying this afternoon.


@Abida Mian: Hi Abida. I was really impressed: it didn’t chip for over two weeks, so it’s a highly recommended from me. LLGxx

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