English summer bouquet

Lots of lovely press for LLG last week. Here’s the low down, followed by the recipients of the two latest LLG giveaways:

Laura Weir, Fashion Features Director at The Sunday Times Style section wrote a feature for the News Review on the rise of Vine, and interviewed me for it. The piece is here (paywall).

Easy Living‘s Lisa Harvey asked a group of female influencers (ahem) for their tips on networking. I contributed here.

Rebecca Holman wrote a piece for The Daily Telegraph on what drives women to write confessional blogs, interviewed me for it, and then wrote some blush-makingly kind things about me and LLG in it. “…like everything else on Liberty London Girl, the images featured are carefully curated and beautifully shot. Readers might identify with and prefer the personal posts, but this is no warts-and-all confessional.”  The piece is here.

Ascot Insider, which publishes ‘news, competitions, behind the scenes and information from the World’s Most Famous Racecourse’, asked its Facebook followers to send in questions for me to answer about style at Ascot. Here are my answers on their site.

The recipient of the pair of tickets kindly donated by Goedhuis & Co for their Starlight Foundation Rose wine & Champagne tasting this Wednesday  is Phyllida, who said:  “Sounds like an amazing event! Edouard Brun & Cie Rose Brut would be my choice but always lovely to try more for comparison!”

The recipient of the 1950s CHANEL No.5 Advertisement & Exhibition Catalogue is Rose, who wrote:

“My favourite is Coco Mademoiselle, it was my first real ‘me’ perfume- my Father bought me my first bottle and if i could only wear one scent CM would be the one I wore. It’s a wonderful all rounder but it’s really for sentimental reasons- and because it works very well on my skin.

I also love Chanel 19 because my Mother wears it and I do always think it’s an extremely discerning choice for any woman.”

(I was utterly transported by all the wonderful stories people told about the memories they hold through fragrance. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write them.)

(I’ve emailed the recipients.)
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That’s a lovely little section on you, Sasha. I would agree that you get the balance just right on this wonderful blog!


Beautiful flowers 🙂


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