I had a very enjoyable time on Good Friday, treating Ayla and her three infants to lunch at Cote on Rosslyn Hill on Hampstead. My outstanding generosity was not due to a sudden flush-ness of pocket, but because I had been commissioned by Sainsbury’s Magazine to review it on its suitability as a family friendly restaurant.

As Posetta Baddog apparently does not count as a child, I  appropriated Miller, Carter & baby Tate for a few hours.




Did we like Cote? Well, I was bundled to the floor in the middle of the restaurant by Carter when I arrived: his idea of hugging happens somewhere near my knees, given that he is rather small, and I toppled over as a result of his arms being wrapped around my legs, and was then marinated in chocolate, so I can’t fault the staff who barely raised an eyebrow.

But for the food? You’ll just have to read the magazine…(there are also reviews by lovely Katy Salter and Lucas Hollweg amongst others.)



The July issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine is out now.


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