The Daily Beauty: The new Percy & Reed salon in Spitalfields, London

by Sasha Wilkins on May 24, 2013 · 4 comments

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

Never let it be said that I am afraid of looking unglamorous on this blog. That being said, when one is sitting with foils on one’s head in one of the nicest hair salons in London,  I don’t care so much about the anti-glamour. Percy & Reed, whose  properly excellent hair products you may already know, are also a small but growing group of hair salons, owned by the brilliant Adam Reed and Paul Percival. The first was on London’s Great Portland Street, and they have recently opened a branch on Adam’s home doorstep in Spitalfields.

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

The salon is right opposite Christ Church, the imposing and extraordinary 18thC Hawksmoor church in Spitalfields, although you may not immediately work it out, as Percy & Reed masquerades as a banana importers. (They wanted to keep the original shopfront, and there are still lots of nods to the original business inside the salon – the old safe holds the towels.)

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

Percy & Reed SpitalfieldsSo off I went to meet Adam and get my hair cut, coloured and generally bouff-ed. I was especially pleased because Adam is not only one of the world’s best session stylists (that means he does hair on shoots for every A lister, model and general famous person you’ve ever heard of), he is a particularly splendid person.

And how do I know this, you may ask? Well, I have a great Adam Reed story. Back at the beginning of the last decade, in maybe 2000, Adam was the star stylist in charge at Charles Worthington’s Percy Street salon.

Percy & Reed Spitalfields


I had been invited to Elton John’s White Tie & Tiara Ball at his home in Windsor and was, frankly, terrified. I had a tiara from Butler & Wilson, and a frock from Ungaro (in the days when it was good), and booked myself in at the long shuttered Charles Worthington salon at The Dorchester Hotel, as I figured if any salon would know how to fix a tiara into someone’s hair, then it would be the one at The Dorchester.

Percy & Reed  Spitalfields


Unfortunately the resulting updo was more grandma than twenty something chic. In those days I was a lot less ballsy, and I just paid up, over-tipped and ran away.

In my pre-party panic I decided to go home via the CW Percy Street salon to see if they could rescue my updo.  I was so upset, so stressed, so worked up that I promptly burst into tears as I approached the receptionist and proceeded to cry myself all over the salon. Adam rescued me, calmed me down, and set to work on a new tiara-friendly up do.

Meanwhile I had cried so much that I had cried my (hard) contact lens out and then had most of his staff on their hands and knees searching (successfully) for my lens.

Adam did a wonderful job on my tiara do, and I left both calmed and cheered, and before Adam left for America to help launch Charles Worthington over there, he did my hair beautifully several more times. Unfortunately by the time I moved to New York he was already back in London, and our paths haven’t crossed since.

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

So it was an absolute joy to see Adam again for the first time in over ten years as I sat in the chair in his wonderful new salon. It really is a glorious, welcoming space, filled with his own books, and lots of lovely things that belong to Adam and Paul that they thought would look great in their space. It really does feel like a reflection of their warm and generous personalities.

They also have the best ever loo wall:

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

Percy & Reed Spitalfields Percy & Reed Spitalfields

Percy & Reed Spitalfields Percy & Reed Spitalfields

These lights were designed so that you can stand underneath them and see your hair colour in the right kind of light. Clever, huh?

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

Lots of lovely Percy & Reed products. They are very good.

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

And here I am lurking in a corner of the shot, with my beautiful, bouncy blow dry.

Percy & Reed Spitalfields

Adam gave me the BEST cut I think I have ever had on this visit, and a really great natural summery blonde-ing of my winter dark blonde.

He is a veritable hair magician. I think I love him.

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Cate Elise May 24, 2013 at 17:08

Hair looks amazing, and that toilet wall is brilliant – I want to do mine like this now, haha! x

The perks of being a hipster


Janet May 25, 2013 at 08:42

What a beautiful reunion! I had to laugh at your recollection of your first encounter, I think we’ve all been there in that situation of being in tears from a bad hair experience, but it was a first to imagine one’s contact lenses being cried out-which would have also made me cry even more in that situation. By the way thanks very much for restoring my subscription! I had written about it having mysteriously disappeared from my inbox, and I rejoiced when it returned! xx Janet
p.s. you look fab!!


Catherine May 25, 2013 at 16:46

Nice do. I had a look at the prices, gulp. I wonder if they ever do offers.


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