Mushroom asparagus mozzarella baguette sandwich

We’re right in the middle of asparagus season, and I am eating every spear I can lay my greedy little paws on. Whether I’ve bought it to cook at home (cheap Spanish bundles for a few quid on the Camden market stall by the station,  or the good English stuff from M&S and the local greengrocers),  or am ordering it in restaurants, I’m eating it at least twice a day.

I LOVE asparagus.

I’ve taken to cooking it on the crunchy side of al dente and sprinkling it with Balsamic vinegar as a snack. (Trying very hard to resist the temptation to just dunk it in buckets of butter and Maldon salt.)

For breakfast-y Sunday brunch last weekend I steamed a couple of spears in a puddle of water in a covered frying pan. Whilst it was cooking I fried a few mushroom slices in olive oil (my current obsession are King Oysters from Morrisons of all places).

Then I split a piece of baguette, pulled out all the interior crumb (because fewer carbs are good and so all my fillings would actually fit), added a little mayo, and layered up a couple of pieces of mozzarella, the mushrooms and the asparagus. Lots of grinds of black pepper and Maldon salt and I was done.

And there you have it: a mushroom asparagus mozzarella baguette sandwich.

Eat with enthusiasm.

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Oh my goodness, that looks amazing.

Kate – New Giveaway!


Have you tried roasting your asparagus? It’s so good that way. Use olive oil, and parm is a good addition.


Have you ever tried it roasted? Just toss it with a little olive oil and sea salt in a roasting tin, then put in a moderately hot oven till tender. I think I came across this in an Alastair Little book and I’ve never gone back to cooking it in water. You get pretty much the same effect cooking it on a ridged griddle, too, with the advantage that you don’t need to turn the oven on.


YUM. Love it too and it’s sold everywhere in Kent. Just a shame about the eau d’asparagus afterwards


YUM. My parents have a glut of home-grown at the moment – when I went last weekend, I ate nothing but asparagus, covered in hollandaise. DELISH.


I dug, then destoned & weeded a 13′ sq bed on my allotment, planted 60 2year old Asparagus Crowns and waited. I resisted the urge to eat any the first year and only picked spears for one week the next, fast forward six years and I pick and eat Asparagus 4 days a week for 8 weeks. Then the (English) season finishes and I don’t eat any until the next year. Eating either home or locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables in their proper season is the best and most glorious! Like flowers.. who wants to see a Sweet Pea in November?

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