I have a thing for fans. I’ve been collecting them for years, and still can;t understand why they aren’t used more often. Even though the British climate is so grim, theatres, the tube, over heated restaurants are all places I’ve been glad to smugly whip out a fan from my collection (photo below) and create a gentle breeze around me.

I bought the ones above from a street vendor in Cadiz, on my recent trip to Southern Spain with Tio Pepe Fino.I think the most expensive was five euros, the plain and mini ones considerably less. Usually I keep my collection to hand on my dressing table in an old Waterford crystal celery jar that my mother passed down to me – it originally belonged to her grandparents.

My favourites are a Pucci one that was a seat gift at a show in Milan, and a navy and gold silk one that I picked up for around £15 in Changi Airport, whilst mooching around waiting for a flight.

dressing table

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My friends made fun of me when I bought a little painted fan for my bag during the summer months…now every time I take that bad boy out, they are nothing but jealous 🙂


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Fans are wonderfully elegant and a good prop for flirting! Im sure if you sit on the tube on a July day with a lovely fan you could start a trend. Your collection look resplendent amongst pearls and Waterford. Also love the gold tree your pearls are hung upon. It looks very vintage?


I was wondering if you’ve been to the Fan Museum in Greenwich? http://www.thefanmuseum.org.uk – I’ve always wanted to visit! The last time I was in the UK I didn’t have an, ummm, equally appreciative traveling companion, so, wasn’t able to go … perhaps next time!


ooo your dressing table looks beautiful! and the jewellery on the tree is divine, where did you get it?

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