Vacuum bags
Pre-vacuumed bags of tights, hats & gloves, woolly sweaters)

My London flat is perfectly Sasha-sized, but it does have one flaw:  there is barely any storage. It’s all on one level, so there’s no under stair cupboard for stashing STUFF, and there are only a few above head height cupboards in the living room.

So, each spring, I pack away all my winter clothes so I can actually see my summer stuff. Although this year I’m doing this much, much later than normal, as I couldn’t bear to be parted from my tights, gloves, heavy sweaters, scarves and Heat Tech undies until now.

Thing is winter clothes are so bulky that storing it all presents a real problem, so I invested in lots of vacuum bags from Argos, my favourite purveyor of random things for the home.

(They’ve got a great deal on at the moment £12.99 for eight, half the normal price of £25.99).

Vacuum bags

It really is incredible how you can shrink everything down. That tall bag, shot side on, contains my huge waxed Hilfiger parka, and FIVE woollen winter coats. So goodbye winter kit for a few months.

(Euf. Am depressing myself at the thought that in about four months I’ll be unpacking the lot in preparation for the next eight month winter.)

Easi-Vac 8 Piece Vacuum Storage Bag Set.£

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You have my upmost respect for being super organised and actually doing this. It is something I always think is a great idea, but then never sort myself out to do! You have me inspired!


I keep meaning to pack away the warm clothes, then the temperature drops and I need the winter stuff, so I put it off for another week. Nothing about this weather makes me think summer is coming (and staying) so my wardrobe is just a big summer/winter clothes jumble. I’m missing the seasons….


I have the same issue – great flat, zero storage, LOTS of clothes = does not an organised and well rotated wardrobe make.

My only reservation with this is do the clothes come out dreadfully wrinkled and creased post hibernation? Seeing as you are a seasoned vacuum bagger with nice clobber i’d be grateful to know.



Depressing isn’t it 🙁 what is this never-ending winter about! I think the weather is broken. xoxo

The perks of being a hipster


Thanks for giving me my most favourite comment ever: The weather is broken! I live in Bergen, Norway, where it rains (cold) 8 months out of the year, so this comment will be in heavy rotation from this day forward. FYI I think we had our summer last weekend. Now it’s back to more rain, scarves and lined jackets.



As a student who has to pack up each summer, move out, and travel around the UK and abroad on field work, I am always looking for ways of minimising the space taken up by all those heavy winter clothes. This is ingenious. I have read some poor reviews on the seals on these though, and complaints that the bags consequently re-inflate. I assume this hasn’t been your experience, but before I rush out and buy them tomorrow morning I wondered whether you did anything to avoid this? Underfilling perhaps?


What a fab idea! I use those vacum bags for storing spare bedding in a zip-up bag under the bed, but every spring I end up trying to squish my winter clothes into my suitcase. If I vac-packed them it would make life so much easier. Only one thing though… have you seen the weather forecast for the weekend? I’m not brave enough to put my winter clothes aways yet! Brr. Fingers crossed they’ve got it wrong.


Get them on Amazon next time – Much cheaper and you get exactly the same thing. These have saved my relationship (I’m a hoarder).


I vaccuum pack winter clothes, plus skinny clothes (sigh, baby belly). I usually wash or dry clean them once they come out, as they will be creased. There’s no way around that, well, not that I’ve found anyway. It’s not terminal, they just need a good wash and press. Even winter woollen coats and flimsy evening dresses seem to cope, as long as you don’t overstuff the vacuum bag.


Wow, I’m impressed you actually do this. My closet’s a mess because I store summer and winter clothes side by side (which is also the reason why I can never find anything)! 😉
What I was wondering, though: Does the vacuuming do anything to your clothes? I wear a down coat in winter and I’m slightly worried that storing it like this might destroy the down…?

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