Travel Size Beauty Products

This is my honed to perfection travel kit. A £3 clear plastic make up bag from John Lewis, that can be scrubbed clean, I keep it packed and ready to go for trips, so there’s no faffing around with decanting and tracking down missing bits and pieces. It has everything I could possibly need, from face cream and serum to nail varnish remover and a razor. I label the clear pots with my label machine so I don’t forget what’s in them: no cleaning my face with shampoo or moisturising my face with conditioner. The sizes in here will last me up to ten days away.

I’ve taken it in my carry-on plenty of times, although if I was stopped, I would just ditch the bigger cheap stuff like the anti-perspirant. At £1.15 it’s not an issue.

As well as the everyday basics, I always pack a razor and a pot of body enhancer, as most trips seem to involve a dinner or a smart-ish event and I rarely have time to shave my legs or self tan before I leave. I like Nars Illuminator, which acts as a bronzer, and makes my limbs all glossy. (If I’ve got room I also pack a can of my beloved St Tropez Self Tan Mousse and a mitt for overnight tanning.)

travel size beauty products

(Shot in my bathroom at Hotel Le Meurice in Paris last week)  

1) Cotton buds
2) Earplugs
3) Mini size Mitchum Advanced Control Anti-perspirant (You can buy mini Mitchums in Savers, and sometimes in Superdrug)
4) Olé Henriksen Nurture Me Soothing Crème Moisturiser (in Muji acrylic pot)
5) Nars Laguna Body Illuminator (in Boots plastic tub)
6) This Works’ Clean Skin 5 in 1 Water (in Muji polypropelene squeezy bottle)
7) Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminée
8) John Frieda Luxurious Volume Thickening Blow Dry Lotion (mini size from Superdrug)
9) Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Mind Bath Oil (mini from travel set)
10) Mini Colgate toothpaste
11) Sewing kit

Not photographed above (because I just took my basic kit to Paris last week) but for longer trips I also add Caudalie Beauty Elixir spray for plane journeys and hot climates, and Nails Inc Express Nail Polish Remover, and mini nail varnishes, like this teeny one, also from Nails Inc. (It came in a Glossybox, but you can also buy them here.)


For shampoo and conditioner I’m a big fan of these sachets. I bought 40 – twenty of each, in the 99p Shop. Bargain of the year, I think. They are great because you don’t have to tote home empty  – or half empty – bottles, leaving more space and weight for shopping.

travel size beauty products

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i LOVE this blog post!! thank you for writing! xxx p.s. what foundation do you recommend for sensitive/red-prone skin? i tried estee lauder for fuller coverage but i was told I looked like a wax statue from madame tussauds…


I like the idea of the shampoo sachets. The deodorant will always be fine through security as it is less than 100mls.


This looks great! I wish I were as organised as you! haha. Love that Nails inc colour too – perfect for summer holidays!

I’ve just blogged my holiday wishlist – I’d love for you to have a read 🙂

Ramblings Of Hannah


Ooh, I love the idea of buying shampoo satchels and not having to worry about shampoo getting on your clothes. I always hoard sample sachets of moisturiser to take on trips but didn’t realise you could get shampoo sachets.

Thanks for the tip LLG!


I love this post!! Thanks so much for writing it. I am a chronic ‘over packer’ and always trying to streamline my kit so this is really, really helpful. I would be eternally grateful for a follow up post on your make up travel kit.

Love, love, love your blog LLG x


I love Mitchum deodorant and always use it at home. Have seen the mini sizes but not for a while. Did not know you could get sachets of shampoo anywhere except in maybe a magazine. Love the 99p stores.


Great idea! Thanks for this post!

Are you able to take a razor in hand luggage? I didn’t think you could do that!



I was iffy the first time I did that and then I remembered that male businessmen travel hand-luggage only all the time and they obviously take razors – if you get the ones that basically are the same as men’s razors then you shouldn’t have any problem at all.


I keep a ready packed toiletry bag too, and sachets are great for space saving. I always ask (nicely) for samples when buying stuff at Liberty, Space NK etc. It’s an easy way to build up a bag of good quality travel goodies, if you have skin that doesn’t react to using different products. And you don’t have to wash out the little travel pots!


I wish was this organised! I usually end up either having to panic buy at the airport or pack full size products, such a waste of space! Such a good idea to have them all at the ready!

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