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Do come and say hello if you are in the area. Even if you don’t eat cake, come and say hello. (Lil’sis is designing a donation box!)

Foxtons Camden has a wonderful glass fronted event space in the front of their building so you won’t be able to miss us. The building is a brisk five minute walk from Camden tube, just around the corner from Primrose Hill, and is on the C2 route from Oxford Circus (10 minutes.)

I’ve been baking since 1630 this afternoon, and have absolutely no idea if we have two much or too little. I’ve made six large pans of Walnut Brownies and of Nutella Fudge Brownies, a giant plum and almond cake, a couple of lemon Victoria sponges with homemade blackberry jam filling and blackberry frosting, three milk chocolate cakes, 100 or so frosted cupcakes, boxes of Nutella Palmiers, several loaves of Banana Bread and a lot of flapjacks. I also feel a little bilious. I had no supper but quite a lot of cake mixture.

(I’m afraid it was impossible to make this nut free, as my kitchen isn’t. However all the eggs are free range, and the chocolate is 70% Green & Blacks.)

I started pulling this together on Monday afternoon, and can’t believe it’s happening. (There was just no head space to deal with the idea last week.) Huge thanks to Foxtons Marketing & Press office, and to everyone at the Camden office for agreeing to let me take over their reception area to sell cake.

Equally huge thanks to, in no particular order to: Green & Blacks for kilos of chocolate, to Billingtons Unrefined Sugar for two cases of Muscavado light & dark, molasses, golden icing and caster sugar, to Rosso Pomodoro Restaurants for supplying me with six huge jars of Nutella, to Steve the Postman for picking up my back breaking sugar delivery from Foxtons and carrying it up the stairs to my flat, to editor Helena Lang at Sainsbury’s magazine, for offering help:  the baking of two dozen muffins for the sale in the magazine test kitchen and the loan of their lovely staff member Sarah Alcock in person to help with the sale, to my darling, dearest sister and to my just wonderful fashion week assistant Katie Bowkett for offering to come and help too.

And of course to all the people who spread the word across their networks too. I wanted to spread awareness of Multiple Sclerosis, regardless of how much money we made, and I really feel you have all made a wonderful contribution to MS Awareness Week 2o13.

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Hi Sasha

I just wanted to cheer you on for all you are doing on raising awareness of MS and by default for other conditions where their impact is not always immediate visible or understood. A world with a little more compassion will be a much better place for us all.

I hope the cake sale goes brilliantly today – I’m sure it will – what you’ve cooked sounds amazing!



If I was in London, I´d definitely come support your cause and buy a couple of slices of cake! They sound delicious!


Great! You do such a great job!
Best wishes to you and Lil’sis!


The cakes sound yummy and it is SUCH a good cause. Hope your sale went really well.


thought this was a lovely idea, sorry I was working of course but think the personal aspect to your writing about MS is always very interesting and really admire you doing so much for the cause when you’ve been really ill!

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