dormouse in teapot

My default state is dormouse (head in teapot, tail wrapped around face), but this week has been particularly trying. I think I caught Ryanair plague on the way back from Jerez last Wednesday, as I woke up in our lovely room at The Bath Priory Hotel on Friday morning with the tell tale scratchy throat and foggy head of an incipient cold.

I shrugged it off, even making it to the hotel gym on Saturday morning and felt okay, if snotty, over the weekend. But it reappeared on Tuesday, and I have felt particularly ropey over the past two days, culminating in losing my voice followed by a miserable Wednesday’s night’s sleep, waking at 3am with a hacking cough.

I had a breakfast and dinner I had to go to, but cancelled all my other meetings and spent most of Thursday feeling particularly sorry for myself. So apologies for being less than stellar on the blogging and Twitter front. I really have felt quite dreadful.

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Sasha, I am sorry to hear you are not well and I hope you feel better soon. Thank you for letting us know why posting was light this week. I happen to think it’s important (maybe it’s just mad me) that major bloggers keep their readers in the loop when there is a change to their posting schedule. So well done. Enjoy your weekend at the Vogue Festival.


Not to sound too creepy but bless you my lovely for thinking you have to apologise. I love your blog and the fact you write it all is good enough. Feel better for the Vogue Festival! K x


Boo, hope you feel better soon. 🙁 First time i’ve commented here, as a fairly new blogger myself, but have been reading for a while. Keep up the good work (when you’re feeling better that is!)


Some people seem to work through bugs but I think it is best to stay warm & rest . You have such a busy ( albeit exciting ) life , stay home & cuddle a dog .Hope you are feeling better soon .


Sorry to hear you’re unwell – I think it’s common to catch something this time of year, as I’ve been fighting one for the past 2 weeks myself!
Take care, and hope you get better soon.

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