SUQQU Eye Makeup Remover

SUQQU is one of those Japanese brands that make up artists and beauty obsessives talk about because it really is excellent. It’s also been historically  difficult to get hold of, due to limited distribution outside Japan. So thank goodness for Selfridges in the UK who sell it both in store and online.

Highly pigmented eyeshadows, legendarily good make up brushes, a truly standout eyeliner: there’s a lot to love about SUQQU, but there are some other under the radar products too. I’m a heavy user of eye make up remover, because I usually wear gel eye liners, and in SUQQU’s case I particularly like their Eye Makeup Remover which I was given to try out. It’s a classic dual formula with oil and lotion, that you shake up before usage.

It sweeps off eye make up  – including my waterproof gel eyeliner – in one go without rubbing and, last week in Spain, when I forgot my usual cleanser, I used it to take my foundation off and cleanse my skin of the Ryanair travel grime.

Normally I would never use something this oily on my face, as it would be guaranteed to cause me to break out. But, I preferred the prospect of spots to sleeping with travel filth on my face. Anyway, next day my skin just felt moisturised and clean – as opposed to spotty and congested. So, although I wouldn’t recommend it as a daily thing, it’s nice to know that my delicate skin won’t freak out around the eyes – or elsewhere.

It’s expensive, but I find eye makeup remover lasts me months.

£30 120mL

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