pimiento de padron

ah Pimientos de Padrón Fritos. From Padrón in Galicia in the top north west corner of Spain, they are a trinity of little green peppers, olive oil and sea salt, which takes a matter of minutes to get from a rinse under the tap to being showered with sea salt on the plate via a frying pan of hot oil. The perfect TV snack: no carbs, but finger lickin’ good.

However, although they do appear to be the simplest possible snack, they come with a built in surprise.

pimiento de padron

Yup, these deceptive little peppers are the Russian roulette of vegetables: for every five or so you pop in your mouth, one will be super hot. Although I am taking this on trust because, for all the plates of Pimientos de Padrón I have snarfled over the years, I have never had a hot one.

pimiento de padron

There’s nothing to them really. Just heat up some standard olive oil, tip in your peppers, and cook over a high heat until they begin to blister and blacken.

When you tip them out on to some kitchen paper they will immediately deflate. Sprinkle them with rough sea salt – Maldon, for choice and eat with your fingers (but not the stalks). Eat, as we did in Jerez, accompanied by a lovely chilled glass of Tio Pepe Fino sherry.

pimiento de padron

Pimientos de Padrón can be quite tricky to track down in the UK – although I saw reports on the LLG Facebook that they have been seen in some branches of Waitrose and Sainsbury’s – I bought these in the Mercado Central de Abastos de Jerez, Spain, which I visited last Tuesday. Twice this amount cost me all of 33cents (I wanted a kilo, but had already endangered my Ryanair allowance with a kilo of baby artichokes).

I was in Jerez as a guest of Gonzalez Byass and Tio Pepe sherry

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My local pub does these as an alternative to over priced crisps and I love them! to start with the taste is a bit bitter but it’s really the cracked sea salt that makes them! I’ve also never had a hot one!

So pleased you put the recipe up, going to try and find some to make tonight as a while watching Broadchurch healthy treat!


Ah, well, I think we’ve solved that mystery, then.

I seem to ONLY get the hot ones.


I simply adore padron peppers and now (spring) it’s the time to munch them down as the window for purchasing them is fairly small. Waitrose definitely do them and I think I’ve picked them up in Sainsbury’s as well. Similar to yourself I too have never had a ‘hot’ one, but it’s a good marketing tool! I have a packet in my fridge in fact so maybe my luck will change tomorrow when I snack on them. Enjoy wonderful Jerez.


A Spanish saying comes to mind…’Pimientos de Padrón, unos pican y otros no!’:-)

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