Ralphred the Maltipoo

A big welcome to our first American Dog of the Day, Ralphred, a ball of fluff masquerading as an eight-month-old Maltipoo.

When I was in New York for fashion week back in February, I left Manhattan momentarily to pay a visit to Ralphred. And to have breakfast with his mom the fashion writer Lauren Sherman, and his dad, Dan Frommer,

Ralphred the Maltipoo

a tech writer and founder of City Notes travel guides. Ralphred was most displeased that his diet didn’t include Dan’s delicious eggs.

Ralphred the Maltipoo

He’s called Ralphred—a combination of Ralph and Alfred—because his mom and dad thought it was a weird and hilarious name. (See: Urban Dictionary definition NSFW.)

Ralphred the Maltipoo

A typical day for Ralphred includes eating lots of wet food, sleeping on his “air stairs”—fleece-covered makeshift stairs that make it easier for him to climb onto the couch and the bed—and walking by Brooklyn’s Vinegar Hill House, his favorite restaurant.

Ralphred the Maltipoo

He’s also an excellent spooner.

Ralphred the Maltipoo

He doesn’t love wearing outfits, but his mom has bought him a select few: a plaid fleece style from Billy Wolf NYC, an LL Bean field coat embroidered with his name, and a red American Apparel sweatshirt.

Ralphred the Maltipoo

You can see daily Ralphred updates—#cuteralphredoftheday by following Lauren on Instagram.

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I have gotten to know Ralpred and can personally testify that he is even more adorable in person.

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