This photo of my maternal grandmother never fails to move me. In my memory she is an old lady, living in Spain, with an auburn wig, set like Elizabeth Taylor’s, dressed in a flowing kaftan, wearing diamante trimmed aviators, her dachshund Fritzen von Hanover frolicking around her ankles. It’s a reminder that she had an identity that I never knew, could never guess at.

(It’s up there, very small, on the header of my blog.)


I went to my mother’s house for Easter lunch last week, and was looking at the photos in her drawing room, and wishing I had talked more to my grandparents whilst they were all still alive.



Above: That’s my mother’s stepmother, Granny Horse to us, in the centre photo, flanked by my uncles and my grandfather at my parent’s wedding. (And that’s her again in the top left photo, mounted on a skewbald, in the hunting field.)


Here’s my maternal grandfather with my mother on her wedding day in 1967. Granny, above, was his first wife.



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Beautiful photographs and cherished memories. Well done you. 🙂


I always enjoy a little insight into grandparents as young and glamourous folk! My Gran was secretary in London, and often told me stories about the perils of the fashions among the office girls. Apparently it was very fashionable to wear stilettos and carry a big umbrella with a pointy end. All very well until either your heel or the end of your umbrella got stuck in the grooves of the escalators on the Underground!


Love all the photos of your nana,

Kisses xxx


I wonder what happened to that necklace she’s wearing in both pics?

You have the same bone structure– amazing how the DNA lives on


She reminds me of your younger sister. She looks a very glamorous gran indeed!


My mum and dad recently moved house and I was given the chance to see loads of old photos and family documents that I had never seen previously; it was so delightful to see all these things and made my feel even more connected to my mum and dad than I already am so I can appreciate how you must feel about your family photos x


This is such a beautiful portrait of your grandmother, I love the contrast between the sheer elegance of her dress and the cosy way she is sitting, as though relaxing over cocktails with friends after a night’s dancing. I also like your description of her as an old lady, it sounds like she never ceased to be glamorous!


This is such a great post. Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. It has inspired me to maybe do the same on my blog. I have a beautiful picture of my granny which I would love to share.

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