This photo of my maternal grandmother never fails to move me. In my memory she is an old lady, living in Spain, with an auburn wig, set like Elizabeth Taylor’s, dressed in a flowing kaftan, wearing diamante trimmed aviators, her dachshund Fritzen von Hanover frolicking around her ankles. It’s a reminder that she had an identity that I never knew, could never guess at.

(It’s up there, very small, on the header of my blog.)


I went to my mother’s house for Easter lunch last week, and was looking at the photos in her drawing room, and wishing I had talked more to my grandparents whilst they were all still alive.



Above: That’s my mother’s stepmother, Granny Horse to us, in the centre photo, flanked by my uncles and my grandfather at my parent’s wedding. (And that’s her again in the top left photo, mounted on a skewbald, in the hunting field.)


Here’s my maternal grandfather with my mother on her wedding day in 1967. Granny, above, was his first wife.



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What a wonderful photo of your granny – so different to the usual family stiffly posed ones you end up with. And what fabulous pins she had…. clearly it runs in the family! x


How fabulous is that picture LLG!


She is stunning.


We have just been sorting through photos and have added photos of my grandparents to our collection which now sit in the living room. Oh, and I just moved over to bloglovin on your recommendation. Feedly was an absolute nightmare having moved their from Google Reader.


I love old photos, they speak so many words in a moment!


Lovely photos and I agree, we often don’t realise how little we know about our grandparents until it’s too late. x


Lovely photographs 🙂


Fabulous photos – so elegant!!


Beautiful lady, great photos to have! I feel the same, didn’t quite get to know my Grandmother as we lived here and she is Portugal. I hear so many stories about her and so wish I’d also had the chance to ask her about them. When I knew her she was already crippled with arthritis and suffering with dementia. At least we have photos x


What beautiful photographs. It’s a glimpse of your history… Just yesterday my mum gave me my great grandmother’s dressing table set, which my grandmother had recently left to me in her will. Looking in the mirror is like looking back in time.. she would have sat, (glamourously, no doubt) at her dressing table in the late 1800’s, never thinking for a minute that she would have a great grand daughter called Poppy. Magic xx

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