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Well, it’s Sunday night and I am tucked up in bed in London. Not France. Yesterday, Saturday, I was supposed to be on the 1410hrs Eurostar from St Pancras International to Paris Gare du Nord, and onwards from Gare Montparnasse to Chatellerault. I had five days booked away because my fifth Godchlld Isobel was due to be christened in Angles on Tuesday.

But Isobel and her sister Lily have Chicken Pox, and Isobel has been very sick, so her parents cancelled the whole Easter break – and rightly so. I can’t imagine how they would have coped driving from Switzerland to France with two poorly little children going scritch scratch scritch.

So although I’m sad not to be seeing everyone, I’ve been handed the gift of five completely empty days. And, as you can see from the photos up top and below, part of them have been sunny. Still bloody freezing, but at least there has been sun.

London embankment

I had started being efficient on Friday – with a 9am personal training appointment at Espa Life at The Corinthia Hotel down by the Embankment. (they have given me a three month membership to whip me into shape), but somewhat lost the efficiency plot when I managed to lock myself out of my flat whilst walking P Bad, and had to take a ruinously expensive wait and return cab to my sister’s for my spares.


Then it was a frantic scramble to get washed and changed to get to Hampstead for lunch with Ayla and her infants – I had been commissioned to anonymously review a restaurant for an external publication which wanted to know if it was child friendly. Who better to take than my dear friend and her crew of three under fives?!


Carter & I get on very well. He was insistent that he was coming home with me to play. if only I had the same effect on men my own age…

Saturday morning was all about a massive coffee intake. Ah Nespresso…

It's a double nespresso shot kind of morning

I keep a car in London mainly so I can drive my sister and do errands. I picked her up yesterday morning to drive her to the chemist for her prescriptions, and then to Euston to catch the train home for Easter. Here she is in her Whistles green duffle coat – Whistles love runs in the family.  P Bad was beside herself at being reunited with her mummy, after two nights with me.

Whistles duffle coat

As I was out and about, I decided to head to the North Circular to pick up office supplies at Staples. This is one of my favourite errands, but the traffic and queues are off-putting on a normal day. Easter weekend is the perfect time to visit. Gloriously empty. And full of stationery crack.


Ah bliss.

Then it was home to start tidying the office, pop out to the street market for vegetables, scour the kitchen, edit thousands of photos, watch the new Doctor Who episode (is it just me or are they getting extremely simplistic?), make, style & shoot Miffy pancakes, go through my closets, do the washing, load the dishwasher, clean the fridge, and write for the blog.

Did someone say holiday?

London embankment

London embankment

I’m wearing two gifts in the top photo: A Boden turquoise cashmere sweater, now in the sale £59, reduced from £99, and a Rose quartz pendant necklace by Didi Jewellery £140. Lipstick is Vegas Volt by MAC Cosmetics.

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Spring cleaning with an element of fun! 🙂


Gorgeous picture. x


@Victoria: Thank you lovely LLGxx


We just got back home from a great Easter break in a very freezing cold London and I’m catching up with e-mails and just read your daily e-mail. I’m sorry to hear that your god daughter and her sister have the dreaded chicken pox. I have a company called Silver Sense, and we do gorgeous luxury jammies for kids that are hand made in the UK with pure silver which is Mother Natures finest natural antic bacterial. Natural silver helps to stop the itchies as well as healing skin. We’d love to send some to Isobel and Lily if you’d like us to, help them get over the symptoms of chicken pox. Enjoy the bank holiday today and please feel free to pop me an e-mail through with some details! Best Wishes, Sarah.


@Sarah: Dear Sarah. That is such an extremely kind offer, and what an amazing sounding idea. I shall email you. LLGxx


Rotten luck with the CP, but the parents are totally right to cancel. And hurrah, that you get some time off.
ah London. Rain or shine, it always looks wonderful to me.

I’m glad you’ve had a good weekend. And yey to the stationery crack! I was in Paperchase on Friday and could hardly contain my glee.

Why is buying paper and folders and whatnot such a thrill? No idea, but it is!


@sadie: I think it is the vague promise that life will suddenly become organised! In my head my life is suddenly dreamily in order….LLGxx


English rose 🙂 x


If I am allowed to say, you look absolutely gorgeous in that top picture: the smile, the eyes, the hair. A great picture.


@Pierre L’Allier: Thank you Pierre! Altho I have to say that Instagram filters are ridiculously flattering…LLGxx


You sure know how to take things easy!


@Hannah: hahaha! LLGxx


Lovely photos, I’ve not tried Nespresso before but I’ve heard it’s good!

Much love,
Jennifer x

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