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I’d like to be able to say that the ravishing branches of Magnolia in the arrangements at Claridge’s Hotel were an augury of Spring, but I would be blatantly lying, as there seems to be no hope of anything other than snow, sleet, driving rain and gusts of wind. Frankly, I’d like to emulate Posetta Baddog and just wrap myself in my silk covered eiderdown until Summer arrives.

Miniature Wire haired Dachshund 
Looking back on the week, in between what felt a like a series of non-stop client meetings and email wrangling, eating food, talking about food, and writing about food seem to be the main themes.

On Monday night I was a speaker at a food-themed story-telling benefit for The Ministry of Stories in Shoreditch, along with Jay Rayner & The Boy Who Bakes – Great British Bake Off winner Ed Kimber. (More of this later.) There’s nothing like telling a packed room about your food memories of childhood to make you ravenously hungry (even after tasting  The Meringue Girls Hot Cross Bun meringues) so I took my sister for burritos at Chilango in Islington afterwards.

On Tuesday I headed to Scott’s on Mount Street in Mayfair for a lunch to celebrate the launch of the Style Guides for this year’s Royal Ascot. I was seated next to Charles Bartlett, the CEO of Ascot Racecourse, so in the interests of politesse tried to rein in my zest (gluttony) for the utterly wonderful food we were served.

 wild garlic mushroom risotto Scott's

This was hands down the most delicious plate of food I have eaten so far this year: a perfect risotto, with plump morels and wild garlic (which is just coming into season). For pudding we were served home made raspberry ripple ice cream with little chunks of nougat and raspberry coulis drenched fresh raspberries. Almost illegally good.

Here’s one of my oldest friends (twenty-four years!), the TV producer Rollo Ross, who also happens to be my producing partner in our new digital film production company, Wilkins & Ross, who was also at the lunch.

2013-03-19 14.31.42

Fortunately for the sake of my arteries, I had to run away from lunch to a meeting with my agents at Curtis Brown. (We have exciting plans in the pipeline.) Then it was off to Regent’s Park to walk the hound in the hour window of sunshine between the torrential rain. I can’t quite compute that the pussy willow is nearly over when we haven’t had Spring yet.

Regent's Park March

I spent most of the walk ferreting P Bad out of the shrubberies.

Miniature Wire haired Dachshund

Rather unfortunately for my avoirdupois, my Tuesday evening engagement was a dinner hosted by the ineffably charming Jeff Rudes CEO of J Brand, at Hix’s Tramshed back in the heart of Shoreditch.

2013-03-19 20.28.46 Yorkshire pudding The Tramshed

You have to love a restaurant whose idea of a first course is a Yorkshire Pud. For my main course I had bubble & squeak with greens and a poached egg.

The Tramshed poached eggs bubble squeak

It was such a lovely evening (held to celebrate the excellent ready to wear collection which just grows better & better each season), with two long tables served family-style in the gallery above the restaurant, filled with happy friends of the label from Christopher Kane to editors from Vogue, Hunger, Style, LOVE, Harper’s Bazaar…I had a great time with my friends Esquire‘s Catherine Hayward, and stylist Angela Scanlon, as we ate our way through the menu.

I think this photo shows the fallacy that fashion people do not eat.

2013-03-19 21.55.28

The splendid goodwill engendered by supper was somewhat dissipated by the discovery upon returning home that Posetta Baddog had managed to puncture and then drag a full garbage bag about five times her size down the hallway from the kitchen. Oh the NAUGHTINESS. (And the sheer bloody-minded determination.)

2013-03-18 22.42.56

Hmmm….you’d think that butter wouldn’t melt in its mouth.

2013-03-20 08.20.34

I had an extremely delicious work breakfast on Thursday at The York & Albany in Camden to discuss new online retailer Atelier to Go: sauteed mushrooms on toast, with poached eggs and a large pot of green tea.

York & Albany Mushrooms on toast

And to round the week off: a delivery of the ten greatest hits of Gu Puds, to celebrate ten years of their scrumptious puddings. I particularly recommend the Chocolate Torte.

Gu Puds


Unfortunately I was not very well on Friday. Heavens forbid it was anything to do with all the food I scarfed this week…

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Well I hope you are feeling better now. Cake, lady, you need cake! ;o)

what a week. I love your busy life, and genuinely appreciate you sharing it. Mine is a quiet little life, plodding along in a never ending loop of washing, ironing, school, feeding the troops, and desperately trying to clear up after them and the cat. I love my life, but it’s so nice to step into someone else’s, especially when it includes Claridge’s, glamour, and food.
Oh the food! I am so hungry now after reading this!

Hats off to PB for her guts and determination with the bag of rubbish! So naughty, but oh so impressive too.


p.s Suffolk still covered in snow. Words fail me!


When I win lotto I am taking my best friend, who is 80, to Claridges. We shall enjoy cafe society for a few memorable days before returning home. This is our dream; heaven forbid we should actually go, but it is lovely to think about …

When you report on these places I know it is a lot of very hard work and not nearly as glamorous as we readers think, nonetheless, please say Hello to Claridges for us.


Such a Cute Dog 🙂


Love the title of this!

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