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I am bordering on OCD where  the act of washing my hands is concerned: I have pump bottles of hand wash by each basin & sink, and head straight for the bathroom the moment I enter the house. That means I get through a lot of hand wash and hand cream.

The current choice is  Espa’s heady Bergamot, Jasmine and a hint of Cedarwood, which they sent me from the new Bath & Body Essentials collection. The scent is constructed like a perfume: there is a top note of bergamot, a heart note of  jasmine and a base note of cedarwood, and I like how it fragrances not just my hands but my bathroom too.

Espa products are free from parabens and SLS and are produced by Espa in the UK. I also hadn’t realised that Espa’s manufacturing site is licensed and accredited by the Soil Association, Ecocert and the Organic Food Federation, as well as being accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation.

That’s one of the reasons why the range doesn’t come cheap, but I’ve discovered that these two bottles seem to be a bit like the self-filling porridge pot from the fairy tales; they never seem to empty.
Hand Lotion (250ml) £16
Hand Wash (250ml) £15

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I too am constantly washing my hands, they just always seem to feel a bit clammy/sticky especially living in london and constantly on and off public transport..etc but this means I’m also CONSTANTLY battling dry hands and forever going through industrial size bottles of hand cream ARRGGH!


I once interviewed the founder of ESPA – years ago. I remember the products were lovely. Glad they are still going.


These products are Lovely

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