When Andean wool knit kit purveyors We Are Knitters first got in touch with me, I had a little chuckle to myself: the last time I knitted anything was in the first year of Senior School (age 13). It was a Square for Oxfam, in a delightful shade of cowpat brown.

Unfortunately, by the time I had finished, it was more of a Parallelogram for Oxfam, complete with a macrame effect, due to the amount of dropped stitches. Even my form teacher Miss Young,  a ninja knitter, couldn’t rescue it.

I used to sew lots of my own clothes when I was a teenager, and I do actually love to knit, but as I have no idea what I am doing, have no one in my family who can help, and lack any hand to eye co-ordination, really I am on a hiding to nothing. So when I told the lovely We Are Knitters people that me and knitting didn’t get on, they kindly offered to send me a ready made up piece instead.

So here I am wearing a pre-made up Empire Snood,  one of their extremely nice neck scarf thingies – it is particularly welcome, given that it is minus 5C in London tonight, and feels like it might be -5C in my study too.

(Although I don’t knit, I know lots of my readers do and, if I *did* knit, I’d definitely be using their kits, as I like their eco-credentials – wooden needles, recyclable packaging, no acrylic yarns, and the styles are fantastic.)

Empire Snood in a kit EUR47
The kit contains:
*1 ball of 200gr. each of 100% Andean wool.
*A pair of wooden 15mm knitting needles
*The pattern
*A little sewing needle


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Hey LLG, what colour lipstick are you wearing? I love it!


@jane: It’s MAC’s Neon Orange. It’s such a brillant face perker-upper. LLGxx


I LOVE kits like this, kinda reminds me of those bake-a-cupcake kits you get when you’re a kid, makes me kinda giddy actually.

And hello HOTTIE.


@Shini: *blushes*. Thank you Shini! LLGxx


Oh for minus 5! It’s been over 30 for 10 days here, not below 20 at night and my brain is melting. That wool is gorgeously chunky and looks great on you.


@Emma: ha! We always want the opposite of what we have weather-wise, right?! I feel like I have forgotten what it is like to be warm…LLGxx


know what you mean. I can do the basic of knitting, but it all goes wrong and ends up wonky and just not right.

Wish I was a super knitter. Sometimes you just have to face the fact that you can’t do things :o(

Love that scarf snood.


That looks remarkably cosy. I’d be in danger of never taking it off.


That lipstick is fab for spring, I want to buy it to go with my outfit for the races!

I’d really appreciate you checking out my blog??



Hi Sasha,
My Nan, sadly now departed, taught me to knit as a child but sadly this was long forgotten.
I had no-one to teach me in person and I simply cannot get on with books.
You Tube is the answer I promise.
I can now do allsorts of complicated things and am learning all the time, all thanks to the lovely ladies who take the time and trouble to post videos which are great as obviously you can pause, rewind and repeat as much as you need to.
Best of all, it is free so even if you are on a tight budget, all you need to get you going is a pair if needles and some yarn.
You could even get together with friends and make a fab blanket to donate to the local animal shelter to help keep the cats and dogs warm in winter; very LLG, non?
Regarding the kits, I do think they make lovely and interesting gifts that are a little different from the norm.
Hannah x


@Hannah Chan: Oh I’ll definitely check them out, Hannah, but I do fear that I am terminally challenged when it comes to anything hand-y…LLGxx


You look stunning


@Haidee: Thank you! LLGxx

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