I’ve written about this  Aromatherapy Associates Little Luxuries set, before, but make no apologies for it, as there is always one in my travelling beauty bag. Because I leave home so frequently, I’ve taken to keeping a sponge bag perma-packed with everything that I might need in miniature, from toothbrush to shampoo, facial serum to cotton buds.

Aromatherapy Associates

This pocket-sized bath oil set, which contains 3 of the brand’s most popular bath and shower oils (Revive Morning, De-Stress Mind & Light Relax) is the added luxury in the bag.

Most hotel bubble bath tends to strip the skin – too many parabens and an excessof SLS, but these oils cosset and protect the skin, and the scent allows you to drift away at the end of a long day.

Aromatherapy Associates

I’m coming down with a proper cold, fashion flu if you will, with a clouded head, heavy aching limbs, scratchy throat and the start of a chest infection. Truly delightful. It has not made today in Paris too much fun, so the first thing I did when I checked back into The Hidden Hotel this evening, was draw a bath and add all the contents of the Relax vial. (Lavender, ylang ylang and petitgrain therapeutic oils.)

After all: just look at this bath tub! It is hands down  the biggest, deepest, best-est I think I’ve ever had in a hotel room.

Aromatherapy Associates

I felt distinctly restored afterwards. Mmmmm.

The set is £13 here.

LLG is a guest at The Hidden Hotel, Paris.

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I do love hotel baths. It’s often the first thing I do if I get a chance – fill the bathtub and soak for as long as I can. It’s always a bonus when they do have gorgeous toiletries in there though. The Green House Hotel in Bournemouth comes to mind. A huge tub with big bottles of Temple Spa products, not those fiddly little ones.


The bath does look gloriously big but not that comfy! The Aromatherapy set looks lovely though. Hope you feel better soon!

Clare x


Looks beautiful 🙂


this is totes adorable


Agree love their bubblebath and was astounded they even supply some hotel chain, Aromatherapy Associates were the soap, shampoo, etc on offer when I stayed at the Address Marina Hotel in Dubai….. put a massive smile on my face that I could abuse the free hotel toiletries, saving my minitures for another time 🙂



Hi Sacha,

The bath looks great. Really looking forward to your review as we are booked at the Hidden Hotel for my 30th in May.

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