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Some of the things I do in the public eye are as a result of LLG, but others are part of my career in general: for example,  I’ve been appearing on radio & TV as a talking head on fashion and style since 2000. But some months I’ll do nothing, and then suddenly I’ll be booked two or three times in a day, often on completely disparate subjects.

Last Monday was a double whammy  day: BBCTV World News booked me for GMT at lunchtime with George Alagiah, to talk all things Oscar fashion (I love doing BBC World because I always get messages  afterwards from friends in completely random cities around the world), but first up I was round the corner at Broadcasting House to do Woman’s Hour, to talk SS13 trends, specifically neon.

BBC Radio 4 pretty much provides the soundtrack to my life. I have a radio in the kitchen which is never turned off, one in the office and, of course, one in the car. So whenever I am asked to appear on a Four programme, my heart skips a beat. And when it’s Woman’s Hour, my heart goes pitter patter.

You can listen to the entire programme on the BBCiPlayer here but, handily, the Woman’s Hour producers have extracted our segment and you can listen to me and Camilla Morton wax lyrical on how to wear neon and not look like a crazy person here. (Apparently it was also repeated on Saturday, as my Twitter feed went a bit bonkers in the afternoon as lovely listeners Tweeted that they could hear me in their kitchens etc. Thank you!)

And two things that happened during London Fashion Week, completely coincidentally both in Harper’s Bazaar:

I was  very happy to be chosen to be included in their edit of the top 10 people to follow on Twitter and Instagram, from the backstage model to the outspoken designer, the industry insider to the fashion blogger’

Ex-Red Editor-in-Chief, and now Contributing Editor over at Harper’s Bazaar, Sam Baker, has a brilliant new blog over on their website – Bazaar on Books, and I was asked to contribute my fashion week reading list for a post she wrote on what the front row reads during the collections, with contributors including  The Times‘ Laura Craik, The Guardian’s Jess Cartner-Morley and Bazaar‘s new Fashion Features Director, Avril Mair.

That’s all folks!

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I follow the LLG blog, am a great radio 4 listener and a lover of all things fashion so I just wanted to comment my admiration for your writing and passion.

I am always inspired by strong women who embrace every part of what being a female entails!


I love your blog, it always makes me inspired 🙂

Please check out my blog http://primeministeroffun.blogspot.co.uk


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