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So, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to go out more. And by out, I mean restaurants, bars, theatres etc, not just dinner in people’s houses. (Lovely as that is.) And, surprisingly for me, I have actually kept this one up so far.

I think it’s fair to say that I am of a dormouse-ish disposition. I like blogging in bed, have no problem with being on my own for days, and can lose hours just reading, thinking and writing.

I also have a very bad habit of letting other people take responsibility for my social life. So, if no one organises anything, I just flump around happily at home and potter off to work events when they arise.

And that was what was happening: because everyone is so busy, tied up with work & family, as each month came around tumbleweeds rolled through our private schedules. But the glorious thing that I have discovered is that it isn’t from a lack of desire to go out/see each other/do stuff, because when I send out an email suggesting a get together, there’s ALWAYS a full house…I think we all just need a collective boot up the arse.

The weekend before last I suggested supper to Hannah & Mark on Saturday night, so we went to The Young Vic restaurant on The Cut (equidistant between our homes), to eat burgers and drink cocktails. On the Sunday I went to Chloe’s for girls night supper with Champagne to celebrate her birthday, and on Monday I went to a Berry Bros wine tasting at Great George Street with my friend Ceci from Brand + Commercial.

THREE nights out in a row. I call that an excellent example of NY Resolution-keeping.

I took the rest of the week off (and was in Paris on Thursday night for work), but got back on the going out mission on Saturday night:  Brig booked a table at The Arts Club for supper, we got together a group of friends connected by our old life in Manhattan,  swept on lipstick, dusted off our cocktail frocks and had a proper Big Night Out. The likes of which I haven’t done since Hannah & I were found dancing at 3am at the Miu Miu back in November. Funnily enough Hannah was involved in Saturday night too. I think the tipping point towards general bad behaviour was the decision that, I quote, ‘whisky-based cocktails are required’.

Many Old Fashioneds later, after Anne & Brig went home at the relatively early hour of 2am, Rachel, Hannah & I headed downstairs to the basement club, where much dancing took place. I distinctly remember kicking off my shoes, possibly along with my dignity.

We got home at half past three. I think Rachel went out for chips. Her justification the next morning when I found the wrappers, was simply that she had done so because she could…(the joys of living in 24hr Camden).

Pizza East Garlic bread

Sunday was very, very delicate. Rachel had stayed the night, and we crawled up to Pizza East in Kentish Town at 11am to eat mushroom & fontina pizza, garlic bread (above) and chocolate ice cream, before a constitutional up to the top of Parliament Hill on Hampstead Heath. That’s as far as we made it. (Bit like the Grand Old Duke of York: he marched them up to the top of the hill and he marched them down again.)

Hidden Hotel Paris

Almost recovered, I’m now back in Paris, tucked up in the *most* marshmallow-y comfortable bed at The Hidden Hotel, a new boutique a few streets from the Arc de Triomphe. I have breakfast at Dior on the avenue Montaigne at 9am, and the Chanel show at 1030, so goodnight all.

2013-03-04 19.39.24

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Sleep tight. xxx


I have unbelievable bed envy, hope it was a wonderfully blissful sleep.
Also, I have never seen such beautiful handwriting as is on that envelope! I now strive to achieve better! I have always had a secret desire for more beautiful handwriting & that may just be the best I’ve ever seen!


You can come out with me then if you’re out of hibernation xx

PS love to know more about the arts club – you’re not even allowed to look at their website if you’re not a member!



Firstly, I could definitely blog all day from that bed… not sure I would everwant to leave!

Me and my friendship group is the same; unless someone takes the role of organiser; days, weeks, even months can slip by without having done anything.

My new year’s resolution was also to get out more, so I’ve been using a London-specific social discovery website, called Townfish, to ensure that I am not waiting on others to get things done.

It’ a great way of doing new things with new people. As much as I love my friends, it can be very healthy to meet new people too.

Speak soon,


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