Dancing Shetladn Ponies pony Three

Most ads leave me stone cold: I’ve worked in media for too long to be able to disconnect between what I know and what I see. But very occasionally something rolls along that makes me sit up like a Meerkat, disengage my cynicism, and just weep with laughter.

This time it’s ad agency Wieden + Kennedy London’s moonwalking Shetland pony  for mobile company Three. An TV & YouTube spot of such excellence that I sat with my jaw dropping as it played last night on my laptop.

Not only is it beautifully directed and art directed,  but every single word of copy associated with it has been fine-tuned to perfection. The attention to detail is awe-inspiring – God only knows how much the entire campaign cost. It’s funny, extremely clever, technically brilliant and perfectly targeted at a wide demographic.

After all, who wouldn’t like a moonwalking mini pony? And aren’t we all fed up with jazz-handed simpletons dancing across our screens trying to sell us some updated piece of telcom tech or re-boot of customer service? Much more delightful then, to just go leftfield and try charming your potential audience.

And that’s not all: as a genius add-on to the main film, you can go to theponymixer.com, and in seconds art-direct your own dancing pony film…punk ponies moshing to Teenage Kicks anyone? Vaseline-lensed ponies swaying to Bonnie Tyler? Or maybe your tastes run to ponies with unicorns shaking their manes to some 90s trance? I particularly loved the hiphop Shetlands who got to dance around a Champagne bottle, as opposed to a menhir.

Pony-mixing lost me at least an hour last night when I got back from Paris knackered…and, of course, you can save and share your very own pony mix across your social networks.

That lovely key demo of thirty & early forty some-things with lots of disposable income and smartphones perma-velcroed to their hands is going to really love the music choices, with a soundtrack that couldn’t be more perfectly pitched to their (ahem, my) generation. (Take a bow, whoever did the sync for this campaign.)

Anyway, start here, with the moonwalking pony. It is ace.

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Love. Love. Love.

That is all.


Ditto! Ditto Ditto Ditto!

I saw this on your Facebook feed last night and was, what’s that expression…Gobsmacked!

I’ve spent my 30+ career in some realm of marketing/pr/advertising or other, and am throughly jaded. “MAH-keting!” is the word around here when we are putting spin on the truth – “Sorry, Andy, I don’t want any MAH-keting. You broke the vase. I know you did, so forget about blaming it on Baron.”

I, too, spent ( I will NOT say “wasted” for laughter is good for the Soul!) at least an hour devising my own pony videos. Bliss! Hilarious! Wonderful). I also shared it with all my Horsie friends who were equally enthralled. That means I’ve had a part in it going global.

In my humble opinion, this is the most Brilliant, Clever, Fresh, Stealth campaign of 2013!

Thank you LLG, for sharing The Silly Stuff with us! And Yes, it does matter.


I’ve just seen this on TV. Rewound it at least 3 (or maybe 5 times) and then preceded to text everyone I know telling them how amazing it is!

Best ad of 2013!


Saw it for the first time at the cinema last night and the whole audience exploded with laughter.


Love it! Makes me think if I was a pony…


Hilarious – made my morning! I live in France so would not have seen it on tv. Thanks for sharing silly stuff!!


I saw this ad for the first time yesterday and loved it. Anything with a good sense of humor like that is going to work for me every time.



you have NO IDEA how much those ponies have just brightened up a W6 Chemo Morning…

thank you xx


Saw it in the week at my friend’s house and we both laughed so much!

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