I feel like I haven’t stopped moving since London Fashion Week finished last Tuesday. Because attending the shows is so all encompassing, a bubble of maybe twelve back-to-back shows, re-sees and meetings each day, larded with the odd radio gig or film production, normal life gets put completely on hold.

So, although the delete button is my friend on email during LFW, dealing with my inbox in the week after the shows is a Sisyphean task. And then there are all the normal things: breakfast meetings, admin, project planning and all the rest.

I’ve also been trying to keep up with my New Year’s Resolutions (of which more later, but essentially are a) take regular exercise b) put things away once I’ve used them c) keep up to date with dull grooming things that I resent spending time on like eyelashes & threading and hair cuts, as otherwise I get caught on the hop with a same day on-camera gig and look like I have been pulled through a hedge backwards in front of millions.

That final resolution paid dividends this morning, because I was awake until 4am live-Tweeting the Oscars red carpet fashion, and had to be up bright and early to get to Broadcasting House for BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour to talk all things neon (one of the key trends for SS13), and then on to BBCTV World News round the corner to talk all things Oscar on GMT with George Alagiah.

Although the shiny new studios at BH (they’ve relocated from the old TV Centre at Wood Lane) are a sight to behold, and they have proper hair and make up facilities, which I wasn’t expecting,


the lovely producer at Woman’s Hour was keen to take photos of fellow guest Camilla Morton and myself in our on-trend neon hits (Camilla’s neon pink lipstick, and my Whistles neon yellow stilettos), and at least I looked almost human, thanks to a blow dry, and eyelash extensions done for LFW.

There’s a whole lot more to be said on the (perceived) need for women in front of cameras to look a certain way but, for the time being, my vanity and professionalism requires that I look the best that I possibly can, however much I resent the time it takes in prep.

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Glad to hear that it well for you today! It always pays to be one step ahead, even though it may seem like hard work sometimes!


you have been so busy. But good busy! I love the pic of you in make up. It’s also nice to see ‘behind the scenes’.

Good for you for trying to keep up your resolutions.. Not easy, especially during busy times.


Thank you for such an amazing blog! Really awesome


Thats really exciting 🙂


Wow sounds very busy. I would love to be going to all the shows. Sounds like a good life 🙂 xxx

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