I met Maddie’s owner Anne when we both worked on the launch of Conde Nast Traveller back in the day. We’ve been firm friends ever since, live down the road from each other, and both share a love of maps. (Check out Anne’s map  learning company here.

Hi, my name is Madison. I also answer to Maddie, Madness, Mad-dog and just plain Mad. I’m a 5-year old Cock-a-poo originally from Blackburn, now living with my family in Belsize Park.


If you were to ask my about my favourite activities I would have to say napping is right there at the top. Followed quickly by dog ball – a zany throw & chase competition created by my pack sibling people. And I’ve got more saliva-covered chew toys than you could shake a stick at. Wait, did you say stick?


Food plays a pretty important role in my day. Due to my proclivity to put on weight my pack leader-mum has stopped feeding me treats but I often manage to scrounge things out of the bin or pull them off the kitchen counter. I once got half a homemade loaf of banana bread off the table and ate the entire thing – result!


I am very close to my family. The best thing is when we are all together on a walk or piled in the bed. It’s my job to make sure I know where everyone is and I get very distressed when I’m separated from my pack leader mum.


Luckily I’m pretty cute and cuddly so I get lots of attention. Life is good.


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awwwwwww! I absolutely LOVE it. So cute.




Just adorable!


She is so lovely I can imagine enjoying a cuddle with Maddie


The dog of the day features are one of my favourites and are pure pet-porn. I’m sadly ‘lergic so can’t have a wee furry friend myself but love them to death!

Keep up the awesome work!

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