Hector by Clym Evernden

Frankly, I feel a little like Hector the hound right now. Sleepy and quite a bit grumpy. (I’ve had maybe ten hours sleep in the last 48 hours and I can’t quite work out which time zone my body thinks it is inhabiting right now.)

Hector is stylist Karen Clarkson’s Chinese Crested Powder Puff, and he has been a key team member of Team Zoe Jordan today as they prepped for her show, which opens London Fashion Week this coming Friday. His job is to sit on the sofa and growl under his breath at anyone who he thinks might be taking liberties.

I was at Zoe’s studio most of today because I and Mr Ross, under the guise of our digital film production company Wilkins & Ross, are making two short films about Zoe and her fashion label Zoe Jordan, courtesy of her show sponsor, Vestiaire Collective.

The first, which we shot in her beautiful studio today, is a behind the scenes look at what goes into making a fashion show happen, and the second, which we will shoot on Friday morning, will give an insider view into the before, during and after of a London Fashion Week show.

Even as someone within the fashion industry, I found today super interesting: we interviewed all Zoe’s key people about their creative process, whilst the illustrator Clym Evernden, whose work you may have seen on LLG in past seasons, sat quietly on the corner of the sofa and drew everyone. Including Hector. Who, sadly, saved all his love for hair stylist Christian Wood, and ignored me.

Illustration: Hector by Clym Evernden

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Love these – remind me of the Janet and Anne Grahame-Johnstone drawings xxx

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