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Friday, oh Friday was MISERABLE. I mean if you like doing lots of standing about outdoors in raging blizzards, then it was fabulous, but me? I’m firmly in favour of deep sofas, warm toes and cups of tea.


And it wasn’t just me not loving being outside. Here’s my show sidekick iD’s Fashion Features Editor Anders Christian Madsen. And he’s Danish. He should be used to snow, no?

Anders Christian Madsen

I started the day off with a breakfast with Tommy Hilfiger’s European Communications Director at Soho House, and afterwards moved onto a corner sofa in the drawing room for the rest of the morning, to drink tea and catch up on email. (I always used to use SH NY as my office when I lived in New York, given the micro size of NY apartments.)

Anders joined me for lunch – kale Caeser salads (his with chicken, mine with buratta, and fries.

kale salad soho house

We moved on to cappuccinos and warm melting cookies with Christian Louboutin’s lovely Susie, when she joined us mid-afternoon. That’s the great thing about the collections: you get to catch up with  all your favourite people. It’s kind of like a biannual school reunion.

cappuccino cookies Soho House

Anders & I headed back to the Tribeca Grand so I cld dump my portable office and make myself into a vague approximation of a fashion editor in time for the Rag & Bone show at the old Post Office up on West 33rd. (I’m not actually in New York to do the shows, but as so many editors were stranded in Europe with cancelled flights because of Nemo, I attended a few. Benefits of having been an editor for so many years.)

It is no fun standing outside show venues in a hardcore blizzard.

Rag & Bone AW13 show

Rag & Bone AW13 show

Luckily they took pity on us and let everyone in speedily.

Rag & Bone AW13 show

Anyway once we were inside the Rag & Bone venue, it was all lovely and warm, with mulled wine and pretzels on offer for the cold editor people. It is refreshing to see people in real world clothes – parkas and flat boots – at the shows.

Rag & Bone front row

Rag & Bone AW13 show

Loved the coats at Rag & Bone – and was amused to see loafers that reminded me strongly of the Patrick Cox Wannabees we all lusted after in the early 90s. (I’m afraid my runway photos were terrible).

I continued to have the smug-gest feet in fashion. Hunter Snow Quilts you rule.

Hunter snow boots

We zipped off in a fleet of shiny SUVs uptown to the Park Avenue Armory for the Tommy Hilfiger menswear show at 1730hrs, taking the Park Avenue Tunnel, which felt distinctly Bladerunner-esque in the falling light and snow,

Park Avenue tunnel

but given the treacherous conditions outdoors, we didn’t make it in time to claim our shiny front row seats but, as is so often the case the view is much better standing, as we were, in the entrance.

Collegiate was the word of the hour, with the checks seen at the European mens collections back in January amped up in style.

Tommy Hilfiger AW13 New York runway show

Oh, hello!

Tommy Hilfiger AW13 New York runway show

Tommy Hilfiger AW13 New York runway show

Then it was a sprint outside to hail a cab, and back to change for dinner with my boys in the West Village.

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It’s so refreshing to see that fashion people wear real clothes too. Hurrah!

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