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I’m off to New York tomorrow: it’s only a fleeting visit. I land at lunchtime Wednesday, and take the red eye back on Saturday night. Mainly I’m going across to meet designer Jen Kao, who is showing on Saturday at New York Fashion Week. I’ll be in her studio on Thursday watching the last minute prep, and then backstage at her show.

In between I’m doing the hotel thing, staying at  The Surrey Hotel on the Upper East Side, and then, in a direct contrast, I’m spending two nights at The Tribeca Grand. (I’ve spent more time than I can compute at its sister hotel, The Soho Grand, a few blocks north, but I’ve only been to parties at the Tribeca.)

I’ve got a couple of native New Yorker Dog of the Day hangouts planned (Ralphred, you *will* be a star), and a few other fashion shows squeezed in on my list, since MBNYFW – that’s Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week – kicks off on Thursday. Altho in truth most of the labels I love are showing after I leave.

I’m really looking forward to seeing a few of my NY friends, although with only three days to squeeeeeeeze everyone in, I think I need to plan on another trip once the weather gets warmer. Because, blimey, it looks  cold & snowy over there. And on Friday, delightfully, there is rain, wind AND snow forecast. Great.

So now I’m shuffling off to finish organising all my stuff: I suffer from a tic which means I am utterly incapable of getting anything done quickly before I get on a plane, and am usually to be found still manically packing at 5am, as my AdLee car waits outside…

I’ve long since given up taking a carry on only for trips like these. Given that I’ll need so many different types of clothing – for running around Brooklyn with friends, for attending fashion shows, for going out for dinner, for gym-ing, all in sub zero temperatures, along with all the tech equipment for my portable office, I’m afraid my approach is f*ck clever packing. I’m just taking everything. (And the carry on wheelie)

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Love that we share the same approach to packing!!! Have a great trip. 🙂


Have a nice time!!!


I am the same with packing. I get hot and sweaty and start panicking when the cab driver rings to say they are outside. I also can only sleep for a few hours the night before a transatlantic flight. And, the luggage allowance has changed since I was last over in the States. I always want to buy stuff when I am there. And, New Jersey has tax free shopping.

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