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by Sasha Wilkins on February 5, 2013 · 25 comments

Kenwood Chef

I’ve written before about my love of the Kenwood mixer. I know there is some affection out there for the American candy-coloured Kitchen Aid, but I feel proudly and resolutely British in my love for the Kenwood. I learnt to cook with one as a child, and watched my mother bake her way through Delia’s Book of Cakes using it. They really do  things so perfectly: lump-free mashed potatoes using the patent ‘K’ beater, bread dough, light as air egg whites, whipped cream, perfect Victoria sponges… my list of things that this workhorse can do could just go on and on and on…

So imagine my glee when I hopped off to the Kenwood launch of their new mixer last week (the 70s inspired but with 21st tech) Chef Classic. Especially when I saw that there in the corner were three vintage machines, summing up the evolution of Kenwood. (Above is one from the 1950s.)

I just had to run the pictures here, as I remember so many comments last time from lovely LLG readers who also learnt to cook with a Kenwood, and who remembered both their mothers’ and their grandmothers’ Kenwoods. So here for you, is a Kenwood blast from the past! Which one do you remember?

Kenwood Chef A791
This one dates from the early 1960s.

Kenwood Chef

This one is from the last 60s – apart from the fact that it was white with a navy blue trim, this is the one that looks most like the one my mother had in the 1970s, and which she kept for thirty years. (That is the glory of the Kenwood – they never die!)

All that vintage glory leads up the the 21st century gleaming-ness of this:

Kenwood mixer

The one on the left is the one my mama upgraded to, and it’s excellent. The one on the right also heats as it mixes. I also never realised until last week that all attachments for the Kenwood are always manufactured to be interchangeable between models. In a world with so much built-in obsolescence, I find that enormously cheering.

The new Kenwood Chef Classic is an entry level machine with pretty retro styling, comes in white with jazzy orange, green or blue trim and is priced around £275.

I have no commercial affiliation whatsoever with Kenwood. I just think they are excellent products, and I like the fact they are a British company.

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