(Roses, lemon and Jasmine from Espa to celebrate the launch of their new Bath & Body Essentials line.)

Last week was BUSY. I went to Paris for the day on Thursday to attend couture shows – out on the 0755, back on the 2015, which makes for both a long day and a lot of catching up of emails afterwards. That glamorous interlude apart, the week was pretty much a lot of restaurant eating, along with many, many meetings.

I was sent this navy blue bobble hat by Superdry, and was blissed out when I discovered it was fleece-lined. It has been glued to my head during the cold snap.

Sasha Wilkins

There was a PR breakfast meeting at The Riding House Cafe, where I ordered my favourite start-the-day-properly plate: poached eggs and avocado on toast, with a side of mushrooms. No extra toast because I am being good this month. There is bikini-wearing in my future.

Avocado Toast Riding House cafe

There was some recipe development at home for my book: these were my first attempt at tweaking my own classic chocolate  brownie recipe to make a chill fudge version. I caught both my father and Emily at different points snarfling them in the kitchen, so I believe them to be a success.

choclate chilli fudge brownies

To a girl who  grew up in the countryside, the idea of Farmhouse Breakfast Week is immensely cheering, so when this box arrived on my doorstep I was very happy. So many delicious things to cook. I am a big advocate of a) a proper breakfast and b) free range and ethical meat production so was thrilled to see Denhay’s free range dry cure bacon and Spoilt Pig Outdoor Reared sausages in there. And my favourite eggs too: Burford Browns. Mmmm

English breakfast

More eating: supper with Ian at the latest Polpo outpost by Smithfield Market. All the Polpo favourites to eat – those rosemary roasted potatoes are something else, and delicious Negronis to wash them down.

Polpo Smithfield

Home afterwards on the tube from Farringdon Station to Camden.  There aren’t that many tube stations that are open to the fresh air in London, and Farringdon is quite spectacular at night.

Farringdon Station

I was taken for a very spoiling postponed birthday lunch by Kara G, at Cecconi’s, where they have truffles lounging under glass (and over risotto rice), on the entrance table.

black white truffles riding Hosue cafe

I still do some personal styling, and took A shopping in Matches to choose her a new cocktail dress, (we ended up with this ravishing velvet frock from L’Agence). Afterwards, I wandered down Marylebone High Street, and accidentally bought myself a nice new Whistles sweater (£65 in the sale). And wasn’t the only one who appreciated it:

miniature wire haired dachshund

I had a breakfast summit with a girlfriend in Poilane off the King’s Road. I am trying not to shove enormous quantities of carbs in my gob at the moment so this was temptation indeed. I was very good and just ate granola, yogurt and fruit.

pain de Poilane

My sister and I took the rat for a walk, where she managed to marinate herself in liquid mud. (Regent’s Park is a bog, because of the melting snow.) Fortunately we are veteran dog owners, and an old school swimming towel is always stashed away in the car for muddy dog moments. (She looks a bit odd because the bloody dog groomer pretty much scalped her, shaving off all her Wire-Haired Dachshund eyebrows, beard & whiskers. Grrr.)

miniature wire haired dachshund

It’s twenty-one years since The Body Shop launched their wonderful Body Buttera, one of the first body moisturisers I ever used, and they sent out cupcakes to celebrate. A nice treat last thing on a Friday afternoon.

Cupcakes Body Shop

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That cocktail frock for A is gorgeous, but what do you wear under it if you have breasts? A bra strap showing at the back spoils the effect.


looks like a good week! xx


Love the pics o’ the week and am excited for your book! When will it be published?


Congrats on your line, the light in the restaurant photo is pretty amazing.


I’m sure it’s hard work but you have a lovely life! thanks for sharing


I love to eat bread at least twice a week.


@Mom to chef: You stoic, you! I love to eat bread twice à day.


I love posts like this, they are fun to read/look at! I also like avocado toasts and body shop butters 🙂 x


Wow, Love your style of blogging. Your bobble hat is looking nice.


I’d like to be most impressed by the glamourous/food aspects of this post, esp. the Polpo bit, but Oxford is so cold right now that it’s the fleece lined Superdry hat all the way for me, I’m afraid.


Fabulous flowers and I love ESPA, I use their body oils everyday!

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