The Daily Beauty: Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy

by Sasha Wilkins on January 14, 2013 · 5 comments

Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy

Hands up whose skin feels like it is falling off? Yup, that’ll be plenty of us, given the cold wind outside, and the dehydrating effects of the central heating inside. I always find it tricky finding a winter moisturiser that is creamy enough to battle the dryness and keep it supple and soft throughout the day, yet capable of melting into my skin sufficiently that my foundation doesn’t slide off, whilst not exacerbating my rosacea or blocking my pores.

So glory be for Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy. Layered over my skin serum over the week-long New Year break (I was testing Clarins new Double Serum, out at the beginning of February, which is excellent), my complexion was completely smooth. Not a bump, blocked pore, milia or spot to be seen. No flaking, no flushes, no imperfections.

I’m guessing that plumped up rosy-in-a-good-way glow was courtesy of both the Hyaluronic acid, which locks in moisture on the surface of the skin, and the high levels of Tocotrienols in the cream; Tocotrienols are a fat-soluble form of Vitamin E used for their emollient and therapeutic benefits, including an anti-oxidant effect. It also contains dimethicone: another word for silicone, which gives the cream its smooth feel on the skin.

Of course I had to ruin it by forgetting to clean & moisturise face for a couple of nights on my return from Cornwall, only to wake up with blocked pores & sore skin again. Truly it sucks having rosacea, but at least it highlighted just what excellent condition my skin was in whilst using this cream.

It’s not cheap: but as you know, I don’t lightly recommend anything expensive unless I really think it’s exceptional. And, for me, this cream was. (But I’m also going to suggest the cheat’s version: pop a capsule of vitamin E and mix it with your standard cream.)

Perricone MD Deep Moisture Therapy £70


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