Tom Yum soup

Well, that was a frantic week. But one which contains cake and afternoon tea could never be a bad one. My friend Anne came round to my flat for lunch on Friday, the day afterwards, and as an antidote to all that sugar, I made us a variation on my Tom Yum soup, which we poured over steamed pak choy, with a plate of bean sprouts to add in, and lime quarters to squeeze over it all. Dairy and carb-free, packed full of vitamins and protein, and really filling. An excellent January dish.

There was also delicious food on Wednesday for a work lunch at Nopi. It’s Yotam Ottolenghi’s restaurant in the West End, and the food is utterly delicious. We took the sharing plate option, and ordered five or six plates.

Nopi lunch London

Mmmm…this was the burrata and clementines. The sharpness of citrus, the sweetness of the syrup and the creaminess of the cheese is wonderful together. Perfectly judged.


I took my mother to Nopi for dinner last year, and the bill was a bottom-clenching £90, with just one aperitif & a glass of wine between us. The food is absolutely delicious, but it *was* a LOT of money to pay for what is essentially posh composed salads, with the odd fritter. (There are traditional main courses too, if you want to eschew the sharing plate route.)

Corinthia Hotel London

There was also a pre-ballet supper hosted by ESPA in the private room at the Oyster Bar at Massimo, in the Corinthia Hotel on Wednesday evening. I do like the Corinthia: it always feels like an event there, a proper old school grand hotel with a 21st century twist, and the food is great in all their restaurants. (I had a memorably good meal in Northall, the flagship restaurant last year with Rachel.)

I’m on a spending moratorium, but I did buy a new digital thermometer for the kitchen (to make my Swiss meringue icing), and a new book that I cannot wait to read: Bee Wilson’s Consider the Fork: A History of Invention in the Kitchen  

Bee Wilson

I’ve spent the weekend in somewhat less glamorous pursuits: back to the chiropractor on Saturday morning for spine cracking, lots of blog work & email, and a grand clearing out and cleaning of the kitchen cupboards. How can I have ended up with two Panettone, three unopened jars of Marmite, and a mountain of new packets of tea?

Saturday night however was a lovely early supper with Miss P & her family in Highbury: I got to read lovely Godson no2, Edward, his nightly chapter of Dr Doolitle, from my childhood copy which I gave him at Christmas.

My sister isn’t feeling great at the moment, so I collected Posetta Baddog to take her for a trot on Primrose Hill on Saturday – wearing her lovely Woof! Markus Lupfer for Whistles sweater. (Now reduced to £25 in the sale, I saw today.)

Posetta Baddog

And then there was some downtime:

Posetta Baddog

So I am doing well on at least one of my new year’s resolutions, which was to have a social life, and see more of my friends.

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Wow £90 thats terrible, would pay for a weeks shopping! Hope it was worth it


I enjoyed going to NOPI when it first opened and had a 50% off deal but even then it was expensive and I know that I won’t be able to afford it again. As always, Posetta Baddog is just beautiful!


And Anne is eternally grateful for such a lovely lunch! Delish, delish. xxx


P-Bad looks so adorable in her knit! 😀

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