LLG in London: A little bit of ouch…

by Sasha Wilkins on January 9, 2013 · 12 comments

Recording studio

Wednesday? WEDNESDAY? How on earth is it Wednesday already? One minute I am in Cornwall, sucking down pasties & clotted cream (no, not together. Even I draw the line somewhere), and the next I am sitting in the middle of a Godalmighty mess in the middle of my study, wondering how on earth I got here.

It has not helped that as I was drawing on my tights yesterday something went pop in my sacroiliac joint and I was stuck in a bending position swearing bloody blue murder. I arrived at my morning radio gig, (internet security & fashion trends), with damp hair, and an unzipped dress, crawling sideways and very, very slowly, like someone who had had way too much fun the night before. I WISH.

Post office tower
(The Post Office Tower, as seen from Berners Street at 0830hrs yesterday morning outside the recording studio. Given the contorted position I was standing in,  I’m amazed I got it straight.)

Wonderful Twitter came up trumps tho, with recommendations for Osteopaths and Chiropractors all over North London. I went down the chiro route – it was easier to make a decision, there were only two, compared to over a dozen osteos, and a huge thank you to Michael Smith at Bodymatters in Belsize Park, who squeezed me in at 6pm, deep massaged my lumbar region with a whirring machine, and did some clever manipulation. This morning I can bend over, and walk without wincing.

It feels like a miracle. And a strong warning. I’m going back on Friday for another session, and am determined to make strengthening my back and abs a priority for 2013, before my entire body collapses from under use.

Unfortunately the pain has also rather focused my mind on the phenomenal mess in my apartment because I don’t think I should be lifting anything heavy, and it seems that makes up most of my tasks. Gah. Thank goodness Emily gets back from holiday today. I don’t think she was factoring in ‘beast of burden’ amongst today’s tasks.

Tomorrow I am hosting another afternoon tea here for Wedgwood and Red magazine, so there is an imperative to make this flat look like the dwelling of a responsible grown up , and not a scruffy teen…

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