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I’ve had several queries about my hair colour in the photo above. I cannot lie: I have had some help in this department. Whilst I am a natural blonde – which is why you’ll never see any waxing stories from me on LLG, the northern hemisphere’s dull winters and lack of sun means that I need a little bit of help in the blonde-ing department.

That being said, I am absolutely paranoid about avoiding those fake-looking, streaky blonde highlights as seen on women on the Upper East Side and in the Hamptons, so I don’t have a full head – just a half, to over up my roots, leaving the length of hair untouched as it grows out.

Jo Hansford, is of course, known as one of the go-to London salons for blonde-ing, but I hadn’t been in since the salon moved from its old home on Mayfair’s Mount Street to its new home on South Audley Street, just around the corner. (In fact, Jo Hansford is where I very first had my roots done after a particularly unfortunate run in with a bottle of Sun-In in Ibiza back in 2005 – please tell me I’m not the only one – and they miraculously restored my hair to its proper colour.)

This time there wasn’t anything quite so drastic to be done, but I was thrilled at the result: it’s hard to tell that Evie filled in over two inches of root re-growth, and the condition was fantastic afterwards. Joel Silverman also gave me a killer shiny straight blow dry: here I am fresh from the salon later on that day at Coach’s Fashion’s Night Out.

Sasha Wilkins


48 South Audley Street, Mayfair, London W1K 2QB.
+44 20 7495 7774 ‎

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I’m with you – a gentle touch up of the roots is the best way to avoid the trashy WAG look. Also has the benefit of being wildly cheaper (or is that just me…?!). xx


@Blonde: No! It’s a sensible decision on all fronts LLGxx

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