Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation SPF15

I’m not going to make any apologies for the battered state of this bottle of foundation: the products I write about on The Daily Beauty are the ones that I have tested thoroughly, and often use most days. Shiseido’s Perfect Refining Foundation is one of those.

I’m a foundation obsessive: I never leave the house without it, due to my reddened skin from years of rosacea, (underneath the flushing my skin is good, so foundation masks the red, restoring it to its original even tone)  and it’s the product I spend most money on, regardless of the fact that I am sent makeup to review by publicists. My perennial everyday favourites are by: MAC and Estee Lauder, and I have added this Shiseido one to the canon.

Apart from its excellent semi-matt coverage, which manages to be fluid and light with some luminosity and no caking or powdery film, yet still even out my skin and completely cover my rosacea flushes, I very much like its minimalist packaging, which doesn’t pretend to hold twice the content. The bottle is very small and lightweight, half-my-palm sized, and fits neatly into a handbag or cosmetics pouch, yet contains as much product (the standard 30ml) as any of its rivals. That also makes it excellent for travelling: no heavy glass vial or integral pump here.

Shiseido Perfect Refining Foundation £34
(House of Fraser special offer: Free Winter Skin Essential gift when you spend £80 or more on Shiseido)

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this is great, thank you – i’m suffering from a bout of (rather painful) rosacea at the moment. i will check this base out… what mac foundation do you recommend? also, any particular serums/moisturisers you find particularly helpful for winter rosacea problems? i love your blog – thank you for writing it! x


I’m due a new foundation, so might give this a go. I love all other Shiseido products and am not quite sure why I’ve never tired the foundation!


sounds great – i wonder if you had any advice for me on foundation for TV. I never normally wear foundation just Aveda mineral powder but I will be going on TV and need a foundation and wondered if you had tried any that worked well – it’s just to give that finish under the glare of the lights and to stop me looking washed out!!!
Thanks Melissa

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