26 Mar 2012 17:39
( Mawgan Porth Beach, seen from the terrace of The Scarlet.)

I’m sure I don’t have to explain just how far my nose was put out of joint when Mummy LLG & Mummy Lil’sis buggered off to The Scarlet Hotel in  Cornwall in the summer of 2010 without me.  I couldn’t believe it: beaches for me to play on, rabbits for me to chase, choice potential doggy bags from the acclaimed restaurant, and they left me at their Mummy’s house. Bloody cheek.  They told me that it was because their hotel, The Scarlet, didn’t take dogs. I could hardly believe my ears: I mean who doesn’t want an adorable dog like myself to stay?

I can’t really complain too much tho: I have done well though of late. There was a memorable trip to The Four Seasons in Hampshire, and I did love the Malmaison in Oxford, but I really, really wanted to visit The Scarlet, because I do love a good 6am run along the beach.

And then, this spring, finally a result for Dog Justice™: The Scarlet was now accepting well-behaved, not too large dogs. So my mummies packed a suitcase, for them and for me, and off we went.

26 Mar 2012 17:39

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the beach on offer beneath the hotel. I find jumping on Mummy LLG’s head pretty effective at facilitating an early morning run, and by 630am we were trotting along the sands of Mawgan Porth beach. Then, whilst they ate breakfast, I collapsed in my old bed in the sun in the bedroom. (I was pretty exhausted from climbing all the steps back to the hotel from the beach.)

26 Mar 2012 17:39

The Scarlet know what a dog needs. Full marks from me for the special gourmet biscuits, fleecy blanket, dog towel and chic feeding station. I felt very looked after.

26 Mar 2012 17:39 26 Mar 2012 17:39

I was quite tempted by the prospect of a swim in The Scarlet’s reed bed pool, and was most miffed when Mummy LLG dragged me away by my collar. She never considers my dignity. (Although if truth be told I had enough exercise on those beach steps.)

26 Mar 2012 17:39 26 Mar 2012 17:39

But really I didn’t want to leave: I thought if I staged a protest strike from inside Mummy LLG’s suitcase, they might stay another night or two. Imagine my horror when she tipped me out on the floor. PAH.

26 Mar 2012 17:39

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Click on the banner to see some wonderful dogs looking for a new home.

 Posetta Baddog was a guest of The Scarlet for one night

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Great! will defo bear this in mind as i hate to go on holiday without my pugs and this is the kind of holiday our whole family would enjoy
Cheers Jx


The Scarlet is literally my favourite hotel of all time (I reviewed it earlier this year after a perfect, perfect birthday trip). Glad you enjoyed your stay P-Bad!



How did you acquire your name? I can understand the Baddog part, but what about the first name?


I’m on a mission to find a lovely dog-friendly hotel in Cornwall at the moment, for this Summer. Unfortunately though, I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Scarlet.

Unsure whether to take the risk, as it isn’t the cheapest option!


@Louise: Hi Louisa

I’ve stayed there twice now. The first time was lovely, but they didn’t take dogs & had a frankly bizarre no wifi policy. The second we had a really great time: both dogs and wifi welcome!

If you are referring to the recent bad review by another lifestyle blogger, I wld take it with a giant pinch of salt, as I spoke to the hotel’s representatives and heard the other side of the story. Which even with a balanced view made this long term hotel reviewer’s hair standup on end.

It is NOT a cheap hotel, by any stretch of the imagination, but it has comfortables beds, wonderful showers, lovely toiletries, a glorious spa, two really great swimming pools (I liked the outdoor unheated reedbed pool one so much I blogged about it separately), and I think the restaurant there is superb: great local ingredients cooked with skill and interest. I had two revolting meals in Cornwall at very well reviewed places on my last trip and they really threw into contrast how well they do things at The Scarlet.

I’m wracking my brains to think of any major shortcomings – the only one is that the food & beverage service can be a bit…glacially slow, but that’s endemic throughout Cornwall…in every other respect, I think this is a hotel that stands up to international standards.

They have always been welcoming to Posetta Baddog – they have lots of outdoor terraces and I don;t see why you couldn’t eat outside with your canine in the summer – altho I’d check in advance. I don;t think they welcome HUGE dogs, or want them all over the sofas, but fair enough, as the beach is just below and who wants sandy dogs frolicking on the soft furnishings?!

I know The The Lugger and The St Moritz aren;t dog friendly throughout the public spaces. The Bedruthan up the road is a family hotel, so no use if you don’t want LOTS of children about.

Hope this helps LLGxx


Hi Louise,

P Bad’s other owner here! I’ve stayed at the Scarlet twice – once avec chien and once sans. Both stays have been great – the hotel is super comfy and the location is breathtaking. Second trip better though because of Posetta’s presence.

If you want to read lots of unbiased reviews (i.e by people who actually paid to stay there…) have a look at Trip Advisor. It is not a cheap option but most guests thought it was worth it!

Wherever you decide to stay, hope you and your pooch have a wonderful time – P Bad and I think Cornwall is fabulous!


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