MAC Primer

Here’s another product that sits on the line between a make up product and a skin cream. Essentially what it does is make your make up last longer, by turning your skin into a canvas for foundation, by balancing oil, evening out redness and smoothing the skin.

The magic smoothing effect, that allows foundation to glide on it is thanks to silicones, the same ingredients that you find in most hair serums to stop tangling.

MAC’s Prep + Prime range has all sorts of products, from highlighters to lash primers, designed to enhance the application of make up. I particularly like  Prep + Prime Moisture Infusion because  it also doubles as a lightweight serum that adds another dollop of hydration.

Is this a vital skin/make up tool? No, of course not: plenty of us have been happily applying foundation straight over our normal skin care routine for years. But where I think this comes in handy is when you need your make up to stay on all day – or night during the Christmas party season. My skin is so battered and grey right now that it needs all the help it can get to look plumped up and glow-y, so this is a welcome addition to my facial arsenal.

I do recommend letting each application of skin food sink in properly before applying the next. And be wary of too liberal an application of Prep + Prime or you may find your foundation kind of curdles over it.

M·A·C Prep + Prime Skin. £28

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