POsetta Baddog & Mollie Bakes

Whilst I spend a large part of my working life on appointments with PRs, looking at the new collections and meeting designers, I can’t say the same for madam: until a couple of weeks ago, she’d only been to one press day, for GAP A/W12, where she had a fine old time trotting around the converted dairy in Bloomsbury where it was held, but rather disgraced herself by hiding under a pile of jeans.

So imagine her joy when an invitation arrived specifically for her: to a Saturday afternoon tea, hosted by London PR agency Trace Publicity, and consisting only of brands and retailers for our canine friends.

Trace Publicity

There were all sorts of interesting things for us – and our dogs to explore. P Bad’s favourite food purveyors Lily’s Kitchen, were out in force, there were  toys and beds from East End Best Friend and Holly & Lil collars, and The Sprindly Brindly Dog Company had their Waterloo dog bowls on display.

East End Best Friend

I was initially a bit dubious about the fleecy dog toys from East End Best Friend – P Bad can destroy most dog stuff in a matter of seconds, buy I am super impressed to report that a month later both her twisty toy and her pom pom are still very much intact. They aren’t expensive (from £6), and given that they have lasted so long, they seem like an ideal Christmas present investment for any dogs requiring festive cheer this year.

Here are Holly & Slim checking out the East End Best Friend Dog Bed together.

Miniature dachshund

The highlight of the afternoon was the one-to-one training session held downstairs, by Louise Glazebrook of The Darling Dog Company. P Bad can be tricky, given her rescue dog past, and I learnt so much even from a short session with Louise. I really cannot recommend her highly enough. Here are Louise and P Bad in action together:


Holly & Lil collars:


Here’s Slim the smooth haired miniature dachshund with his person, Morag Patterson of British InStyle. (Slim is a future Dog of the Day.)

Miniature dachshund

And here’s Holly again. (Holly was LLG Dog of the Day last week.)

Miniature dachshund

P Bad’s absolute favourite:


Lily's Kitchen

We rounded off the afternoon by having our joint portrait drawn by by artist Richard Short:



And we all had a Molly Bakes cupcake to take home.

Molly Bakes cupcakes
(Doggie Cupcakes – for humans – by Molly Bakes.)

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Awww! So Cute. It’s doggie heaven! LOVE those cupcakes! 😉


too, too cute! Lucky doggy!


THAT CAKE IS AMAZING and your dog is ssooo ccuute



Sasha! Astounding blogs, thanks for cheering up my day on soooooo many occasions!!


Awwwww Slim is really lovely.
I really wanted a mini sausage but fell in love with my little black pug Betty so got her and Chester , her bro instead.
J x


happy birthday! x


This may sound strange, but I think I met Slim this summer on Parliament Hill Fields? His owner described him as having ‘small man complex’ and he was 6 months at the time, and on his way home from doggie day care?


Was such a fun day wasn’t it? Morag got sweet Slim kitted out for the winter and I hope some of you will make it down to our shop – such a dog friendly area. Then you can all get to meet Holly dog and Gus!

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