Mitchell and Peach Kentish Cobnut Scrub

I do apologise for the slight interregnum in Daily Beauty posts, but we are back on track now, with a whole bucket load of lovely recommendations for the run up to Christmas. I’m kicking off the December season with a lovely new product from one of my favourite independent beauty lines, Mitchell & Peach, who I first write about back in 2010, when I raved about their gentle, lavender-infused handcream.

I thought it was time for a return to M&P because their products make such lovely presents, with their beautiful old time glamour packaging, traditional English ingredients, and lovely back story, which I wrote about here. But, in short, what you need to know is that Mitchell and Peach grow many of the ingredients for their luxury Bath & Body collection on the family farm ‘Foxbury’ near Sevenoaks in Kent (not far from where I grew up), and where five generations of Mitchells have cultivated a variety of English crops from apples and pears to hops and oats.

The latest addition to the collection is the Kentish Cobnut Scrub. The Mitchells have cultivated Kentish Cobnuts for over 50 years and recently discovered that the shells make an excellent exfoliant when ground to a fine powder, effective at sloughing dead skin cells gently.

I’ve been using it twice-weekly for the past month or so, and can report that my skin has never been softer. A little also goes a very long way. (Which is a good thing, as it does leave a deposit in the bottom of the bath tub.)

The reason why this exfoliator leaves my skin feeling smooth is because, to stop skin drying out, they have also added English Honey, from the farm, to act as a natural humectant (it holds water next to the skin so that it can be absorbed) leaving the surface firm and plumped.

Lavender from the farm – in this case, a minty English lavender (lavandula augustifolia) provides both the trademark Mitchell & Peach perfume and acts as a natural antiseptic to prevent blemishes. To nourish the skin and keep it supple and elastic, natural oils of Coconut, Sweet Almond and Palmarosa have been added, whilst Ylang Ylang essential oil aims to balance sebum and stimulate new cell growth.

If you are present buying this season, then I really can’t think of much nicer in the beauty department – especially for expats or for friends living abroad who love the English countryside.

Mitchell and Peach Kentish Cobnut Scrub  £36/260g and is available from selected retailers including Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason,
several independent boutiques and at

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Thank you for introducing me to Mitchell and Peach, LLG. It was your recommendation that tipped the scales for me with the hand cream, and so it is now for this scrub. It’s at the top of my Christmas list this year. x

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