Fancy winning a trip to Paris for two, including two nights in a 5* Tablet hotel and a gift voucher to spend in the new Whistles concession in Printemps department store? Or a trolley dash in your nearest Whistles store, so you can race around the store and grab all the things you’ve been lusting after in one fell swoop?

Then read on…

It’s no secret that I wear a hell of a lot of Whistles clothing. Or that my love for Whistles wasn’t generated by press appointments, or oleaginous sucking up from Whistles HQ, but by a flood of recommendations on Twitter a couple of summers back when I needed to buy a dress for an interview with a fashion VIP when I was temporarily back in London (I was living in New York then).

Swept along by Tweets of encouragement, I scooted it to Selfridges and there, in the Whistles concession, was my holy grail: rail upon rail of clothes designed for grown ups, at a realistic price point, that didn’t look like everything else on the High Street. I immediately bought a dress, and eventually bought it in three colourways. (This one, if you are curious.)

And that was the start. And, yes, now I do know Virginia, the Head of Press, and Jane Shepherdson the CEO, because they came across me raving about Whistles on Twitter, and then on the blog, and got in touch. And that, for me, is the perfect relationship: a brand I loved before anyone tried to sell it to me, keeping me posted about all the new and interesting things it is up to so I can tell you all too.

So when they said: Hey Sasha, want the exclusive on the Whistles Advent Calendar giveaway? I said, HELL YEAH. Because this, my lovely readers, is my favourite external competition of the year, because the prizes are just so damn good – and there is one each day. (The first was a year’s supply of Whistles shoes!)

You don’t have to sign up, you just have to check the Whistles Advent page each day to see if the door for that day can be opened! If it can, you simply mouse over, enter your email address, and cross your fingers & toes…

So where’s the exclusive? Well, I happen to know on exactly which day the two frankly dropdead amazing prizes mentioned above are happening, and I’ll be Tweeting first thing in the morning on the two days in question so you’ll know when to enter.

All you need to do is follow me on @LibertyLndnGirl because I’ll be announcing it before Whistles do… oh and here is their little promo video which, as Virgina said, is actually genuinely funny http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkCTHIEnfbY

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Great giveaway and very funny video!

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