Chevrolet Bel Air

(A Chevrolet on La Jolla beach, California two weeks ago.)

Just a quick reminder that the LibertyLondonGirl digital platform keeps growing: There are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest accounts now, as well as the two Flickr albums and YouTube channel.

Instagram is a smartphone app that gives snapshots into my daily life, from interesting meals, things I am cooking, shoes I have bought or places I have seen, all viewed through retro filters. (There’s more info on the LLG feed here.)

NEWS: You can now follow Instagram on the web – you don’t need a smartphone for it. My Instagram webpage is here.

I’ve completely changed how the LLG Facebook works. Previously a place to post links to blog stories, a placeholder really, I now use it to post all the interesting news I receive daily, that doesn’t fit in with the personal, first person tone of the blog proper. So that could be sample sale news, interesting links, fashion news, big brand ad campaigns, bits of insider info, LLG press & PR coverage.

It’s also where you can find full albums of my own photographs to complement the stories that run here on the blog. For example, I recently posted all the edited photos I took in Paris at the Hotel Pavillon de la Reine on the page. (There are always way too many photographs to post on here.)  If you’d like to follow the LLG Facebook Page, there is a link to it on the right hand blog sidebar.

Twitter of course, is where I babble away every day, a mixture of my thoughts, links, RTs, insider info, and the occasional live event feed: I live Tweeted both the Opening & Closing Ceremonies, and I Tweet from conferences I attend, red carpets, fashion shows, and all manner of events.

Pinterest is a collection of visual mood boards, for those of you who haven’t yet come across it. Warning: it’s addictive.

miniature wire haired dachshung

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This is the road we must all go down on the web. But put like that (above) it’s a little depressing and overwhelming.

Something’s got to give….



Love PB!! x

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